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On The Road

Tips, tricks, and other travel tidbits

Physical Fitness: An Essential Part of Your Vacation

posted Wednesday, August 7, 2019

by: in On The Road

One of the greatest gifts of traveling is the ability to leave our every day stresses miles away and for a short time enter a land of make-believe. For many of us, our vacation truly ends and reality sets in the moment we jump on the scale back home. Yikes! Suddenly, our happy vacation memories […]

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Where to go Next: One Spot Stands Out – Peru

posted Thursday, July 18, 2019

by: in On The Road

If there is one question or topic that I get asked about more than anything else, it is people asking me what my favorite place in the world is, or what is the main destination I think they should visit. My answer is pretty much always the same place. There are so many destinations around […]

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