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Canadian Lesbian Gay Archives

34 Isabella Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1N1

The CLGA is dedicated to celebrating, preserving, and collecting the stories and histories of LGBTQ2+ people in Canada. Since 1973, they have acquired a wide range of important artifacts that speak to personal experiences and significant historical moments for LGBTQ2+ communities in our country. They have grown to be an important institutional service provider for academics who work on their collections. The CLGA also has a critical role to play as a resource to historians, documentary filmmakers, artists, writers and playwrights.

The CLGA are a focal point for LGBTQ2+ history and outreach in Toronto, conducting tours and presentations to more than 1,800 people annually.  Over the years, their partnership with educators introduced thousands of youth to past and current LGBTQ2+ movements, struggles and achievements. They also have collaborative relationships with community organizations, academic centers, and other non-profits, and their archival material is regularly featured in exhibitions across Canada.

Their ever-expanding collections are unique, and as a whole serve to give voice to the lives, the struggles, and accomplishments of LGBTQ2+ communities. The archives hold a wide range of artifacts including memorabilia, pins, t-shirts, periodicals, audio and video documentation, oral histories, personal papers, organizational records, and so much more. These objects are priceless as they represent the broad expression of LGBTQ2+ life at various points in history and serve as a testament to our past, which will inform our destiny.

“The CLGA is one of the most welcoming archives I have ever visited. The outreach and archival staff are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and clearly care about the material held in the CLGA. As a non-binary person I greatly appreciated the efforts staff took to facilitate the sharing of pronouns at the start of a tour. This seemingly small act made my experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.”—Krista McCracken, Archives Supervisor, Algoma University

To better reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ2+ communities as well as the materials they collect, the CLGA has recent undergone a name change and the new name is The ArQuives (pronounced – archives). During the month of March they will be launching this new name and logo.”


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