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Bike Share Toronto

(855) 898-2378

Whether you’re commuting, running errands or sightseeing, Bike Share Toronto is a fun, flexible and cost-effective way to navigate the city. You may buy a pass or become a member  to access 3,750 bikes and 360 stations across 75 square kilometres of the city.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Locate a bike at one of their 360 stations across the city. See bike availability on the System Map or mobile apps.
  2. Take unlimited 30-minute trips while your pass or membership is active. NOTE: After 30 minutes, overage fees apply. If you want to ride longer before your 30-minute trip is up, dock the bike and unlock another bike to continue riding without accumulating overage fees.
  3. Return your bike to any station. Slide the bike into the dock and wait for the green light to lock.

Be sure to download the CycleFinder App.  CycleFinder enables riders to plan their route from start to finish. With the app, riders can discover station locations, track bike inventory, locate available docks and receive ride codes in real time. Skip the kiosk and ride Toronto using your smartphone with CycleFinder.

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