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The Old Nick

123 Danforth Ave,
Toronto, ON M4K1N2


Located near the intersection of Danforth and Broadview. They have 14 beers on tap, a beautiful secluded patio, great music, amazing live music and a killer Award-Winning Brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

The Old Nick doesn’t really redefine what pub food can be, but this Danforth spot offers an organic brunch on the weekend, and the rest of the time serves stuff like coconut battered black tiger shrimp, chicken wings and fish and chips.


“You’d think you were in a corner pub in London if it wasn’t for those Ontario accents 😉
“The atmosphere was outstandingly comforting, and it felt like home immediately. The ciders cold and the staff and patrons warm and accepting. (I’m talking about personality, it didn’t go around touching them to see what temperature they were. That would have been weird).
“…and food! Lordy! The “half” size nachos are other pubs full size! It’s a rare combination to get good quality and a good price…value defined.
You need to open a location in St. John’s. I’d be there all the time.”

Steve D


“Relaxed atmosphere; lovely, warm and genuine staff; exceptional food; great beer selection and phenomenal owner.
“My local. Great food · Best brunch”

Jennifer W.


“Great music, great drinks and such a fun crowd! My favorite bar in Toronto.
“Oh, and the fries? Awesome!! Get the fries.”

Wendy PC

Mon-Fri: 3pm to 2am
Sat-Sun: 11am to 2am

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