Midtown Dental
Midtown Dental

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Tanya Wilson
345 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON M4K 1N7
416-655-3306 or 416-462-0533

Female owned and operated!

Skin Deep is an all female owned and operated tattoo studio. They have a team of beautifully, talented badass women!  Their kick ass studio is equipped with the top of the line inks, needles, and supplies needed to create amazing work!

Skin Deep prides itself on its professionalism and are passionate about creating great tattoos and a comfortable experience for their clients.

Weekly flash promos, ribbons 4 a cause profits that actually go to the cause and tons more.

Drop in and meet their “Tattoo family”


Neil M.

Had a great experience. My daughter was getting her 1st tattoo and didn’t know what to expect. They walked her through the whole process and made her feel comfortable. They took the time to explain the aftercare well. I would recommend this shop for sure, especially for women. Sometimes shops are only staffed by rough looking guys. This one is all female staff so women can feel more at ease. Thanks again guys. Great job.

Zara S.

Had my first tattoo here and they were so friendly, down to earth and helpful. Beautiful space with beautiful talented ladies. Have been back 3 times since and will keep coming. Highly recommend!

Lucie J.

I got a tattoo here last month and it was a great experience. The artist was awesome, she listened to what I wanted, sized it and did perfect line work! I was comfortable, taken care of and given advice for after care. Will definitely be back.

Isaac S.

Excellent, fun, clean atmosphere, great vibes and energy, and most importantly awesome tattoo design and application. Great stuff


Tuesday 1–9PM
Wednesday 1–9PM
Thursday 1–9PM
Friday 1–9PM
Saturday 1–9PM
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed

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