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Tips for better treatment of transgendered patients at fertility clinics

posted Friday, April 8, 2016

by: in Law

You may have come across an article recently about a transgendered man feeling mistreated at a fertility clinic. He reported being called “she” and feeling degraded for a multitude of reasons. Although no one can undo the humiliation that this individual felt, as a health lawyer who regularly works with both fertility clinics and patients […]

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Can a doctor refuse to treat patients because of their sexual orientation or identity?

posted Sunday, May 3, 2015

by: in Law

In February it was reported that a U.S. pediatrician refused to treat a child because her mothers were lesbians. The same thing happened to a Winnipeg couple in 2009, annd over the years many others have likely experienced similar discrimination, though the stories are often not shared publicly. The first paper I ever published was […]

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