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Lower back pain

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain or Lower Back Pain?

posted Wednesday, September 7, 2016

by: in Fitness Solutions Plus

Sacroiliac joint pain is a common condition that can feel like lower back pain, but the source and cause are quite different. It also requires a specific assessment of the pelvis and the many muscles acting on it. In this blog I explain the distinguishing characteristics of sacroiliac joint pain compared to lower back pain. […]

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Early Treatment Of Musculo-Skeletal Pain

posted Saturday, April 9, 2016

by: in Fitness Solutions Plus

So we have all done it. We feel a pain in a muscle or a joint and we hope it goes away, but then it doesn’t. It keeps coming back and gets worse. It might be a pain or discomfort in the background that doesn’t bother us much but then it can amplify when we are […]

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Monitoring Lower Back Pain

posted Tuesday, October 7, 2014

by: in Fitness Solutions Plus

Even the most diligent Physiotherapists can get lower back pain. We are constantly bending down or leaning over bodies all day. I had suffered a nasty bout of lower back pain after bending forward and lifting. I had a slight weakness there before but I had neglected it and hadn’t been keeping up with my […]

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