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If you did not vote, you are part of the problem

posted Thursday, June 23, 2022

by: in The Online Politician

Ok, OK, OK, I know, we have had enough of politics. We had enough of the same old speeches, same old elections, same results. It is hard to believe that only 41% eligible voters voted in the last Provincial election. What makes it even worse, is that Doug Ford won a major majority with 18% […]

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Hey Ontario, What’s Going On?

posted Saturday, April 17, 2021

by: in The Online Politician

Hello Pigeon: I must admit while I sit at home in Toronto, my mind is a blur of thoughts and frustration. As you know, after many delayed moments, Premier Doug Ford came out with some new restrictions, claiming that he and his team have done everything possible to fight COVID-19. Really? I know, many of […]

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Alberta Becomes A Leader In Gender And Queer Representation

posted Tuesday, June 16, 2015

by: in Feminism

Recently, history was made as the Conservative Capital of Canada became the Progressive Paramount of Harper’s regime. Rachel Notley, NDP Leader and NDP Royalty  made global headlines by wiping out the Progressive Conservative’s 44 year reign in the Wild Rose Province by becoming Premier. Along with her win, PC MLA’s were evicted in quick succession, making room […]

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