Hello readers, I’ve been editor of our little-magazine-that-could going on seven years now and my gosh, what a journey it’s been! If you look at our first issue (https://pinkplaymags.com/downloads/winterplay2007.pdf) and compare it to how far we’ve come today (https://pinkplaymags.com/downloads/SpringPlay_2014.pdf), you can clearly see how much we’ve grown and matured and come into our own—something I’m immensely proud of.

And we continue to evolve. For a couple of years now I’ve been harassing Antoine, our editor, to give me a blog, something that would allow me to touch base with the community on a more regular basis, rather than seasonally, as we’ve become so well known for. I have to say, typical to Antoine, when he finally came through, he went above and beyond what I expected and gave me—and you our faithful readers—a site populated with bloggers.

A few you’ll recognize. Shelley has been writing “From the Heart,” a perennial favourite, for five years now, and many readers express how she touches them deeply with her writing. Well now she’ll be coming to you monthly with her blog of the same name.

Kelly, a regular feature writer for us will delve into an area that’s becoming more and more mainstream: queer parenting. In “The Ginger Menace” she’ll tackle that question so important to anyone raising a child—how to raise them with confidence and joy.

Bryen, our long-time travel columnist will combine two of his loves: travel and home grown events. He’ll make the getting there and the staying there of these cool getaways part of the exciting experience.

cee, long our resident chronicler of “Hot Artist,” graduates in the coming summer issue with her own column, “Tops & Bottoms.” She’ll give you fashion advice, dos and don’ts, take you behind the scenes at events and introduce you to the creative minds that make it all happen, all the while keeping you dressed in style.

Damian, is new to the team, but eager to lend you his expertise on staying fit no matter your age or life-style, using a balanced approach of Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Finally, at least for this installment, we have another newcomer to PinkPlayMags, Karl, who will serve as our financial guru—someone we can all use I’m sure.

So enjoy us over coffee, tea, or your favourite beverage, and be sure to check back as we’ll all be returning at least once a month to connect, share and enlighten one another.

Until then,
Jeff Harrison
Editor-in-Chief of PinkPlayMags

About the Author

Jeff Harrison is going into his 7th year as editor-in-chief of PinkPlayMags and is astounded at how quickly the time has flown by! Ink runs through his veins and if he's not writing, or editing, then he's voraciously reading...or nerding out over a good comic book, or video game.