Hello there, my name is Damian Wyard and my particular focus of interest as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor is muscle and joint problems, either sports-related or from just life/work demands. I take a hands-on approach, blending an individual’s mechanics with the best available science. It’s a problem-solving role to find out what is causing the injury and working out a mechanical solution to it. After working in different settings and for different organizations, I now work for myself. This allows me to have a much more focused approach to my clients needs.

A lot of us are getting injured from either strenuous workouts or over-use activities that keep us in fixed positions. For example, sitting in front of computers causes us to become stiff through our upper backs and can lead to neck and shoulder problems. Even a rotator-cuff tear could be caused by poor spinal mobility and rounded shoulders.

My blogs are going to be focused on how to find balance in your workouts, work and lifestyle to stay injury and pain free. I will be talking about why I have most of my clients doing Pilates; how to balance your workouts to stay injury free; how to decide between physiotherapy and chiropractic; and why it helps to have a strong butt!

I’m looking forward to blogging physiotherapy in our community!

Damian Wyard MSc. PT
Registered Physiotherapist

About the Author

Damian Wyard trained is a Registered Physiotherapist and Stott Pilates Rehabilitation Instructor with 20 years experience in his field. He is the owner of Pilates4Physio in Toronto. You can reach him privately at info@pilates4physio.ca, or at his Pilates studio www.pilates4physio.ca www.facebook.com/pilates4physio