Most of us are familiar with the popular television series “The Walking Dead

The show while totally fictional, gives great insight into how many humans behave – Just like the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead sucks the life out of the living and they do so without thinking. It appears that they are programmed to destroy lives.

They are very scary and dangerous creatures and thankfully in the movies they can be easily identified. The walking dead that you can’t identify with the naked eye are even more dangerous because they appear to be very normal, they could be living with you, in fact you may be The Walking Dead.

If you postpone, refuse, or don’t even want to think about implementing a  plan to preserve all of you have worked for and protecting your family’s finances and future – You are The Walking Dead!

If you think it’s too expensive, or you are too “busy” to sit with a lawyer and prepare a will and power of attorney, which in effect appoints the court system and NOT your family to make health care and life & death decisions, access and distribute your assets, pay your debts, and even decide who gets custody of your minor children – You are the Walking Dead!

If you can plan for a nice vacation, a nice home, a nice vehicle, or a pricey carnival costume but won’t take the time to assess your risks and needs and implement a solid plan to protect your family’s lifestyle in the event of premature death, serious illness or injury –You are The Walking Dead!

If you hold the view that bad things only happen to other people but it won’t happen to you or your family members – You are The Walking Dead!

What is scariest of all is that “The Walking Dead” is a result of ignorance, inaction, and nonchalance often end up turning the ones they say they love into The Walking Dead!

The walking dead on television are mindless and loveless beings and have no capacity to change their condition. You on the other hand can do something today to ensure that the ones you love (including yourself) remain in the realm of the living and breathing.

Planning for the things that really matter is one way you can  deflate the Elephant in the Room, give me a call  or visit and I will guide you through the process of making sure your family has money when they need it by putting together a comprehensive insurance and financial plan that suits your needs and budget.


About the Author

Karl Marshall is President of (a division of Marmac Financial Services Limited) and specializes in serving the insurance and financial needs of the LGBT Community. On Saturday nights he hosts The Party Mix on G98.7 FM in Toronto. You may reach him at 416-554-0892,, @insurance4lgbt on Twitter or on Facebook.