As an often femme-identified queer woman, I often mix masculine clothing along with feminine pieces. When decked out in super feminine pieces (think floral, pink, frills, lace) I feel as though I am in drag so I choose to ground more ‘girly’ pieces with a leather jacket, motorcycle boots, fun sneakers, multipurpose accessories or heavy metal.

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I generally feel more comfortable in more masculine or tomboy clothing, opting to wear men’s clothing more often than women’s. Out of some ingrained need to include more femininity in my look, I have rarely had the proverbial ‘balls’  to go all out with my masculine looks. But today is a new day! The day I have been dreaming of is finally here… the tomboy look has gone mainstream!


From celebrities and high fashion houses to  street style and fast fashion stores… tomboy style is everywhere and I could not be more happy! Not only do we no have so many more clothing options at a multitude of price points, we no longer have to settle for ill-fitting clothing or having to tailor men’s pieces to fit our bodies correctly.

If you’re looking for inspiration you don’t have to look very far, chances are your favorite fashion blog is covering tomboy fashion, that actress you adore is sporting tomboy style or that gorgeous model you see in every ad campaign is wearing clothes that look like the were stolen from her brother when she’s off duty.


The fun part about incorporating tomboy style is that there are no distinct rules for how to put your look together… you are free to add as little or as much tomboy as you like.

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Check out how UNIF flexes with great unisex pieces like their famous hellraisers and this jersey that ‘goes both ways’ .  Wildfang has an entire ‘Tomboy’ collection, their cheeky take on the concept; their other pieces such as this great denim jacket, also mirror the concept. This contrast sleeve bomber and coated dark jeans from Veer NYC are everything. For some more labels doing the androgynous thing oh so well, check out TomboyX, Androgyny, Haute Butch, and Veea.

Here is even more inspiration to get you on your way…


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