Come one come all to witness the glorious triumph of The Ginger Menace!!! Today we have completed our first official Earth Ranger Mission to raise $25 for the bobolink. Not only that but we had a successful first cleaning at the dentist today and when we got home our official Earth Ranger card was waiting for us in the mailbox.


Thank you so much to all of our supporters and donators. We will gleefully await the arrival of our special wildlife Earth Ranger buttons, which we will sport with pride! Now we will get back to the drawing board so our animal supporting activities can soar to new heights. You are of course welcome to continue to donate to our “Bring Back the Wild” campaign as let’s face it, we all need additional help getting our wings flapping! Please donate, and don’t forget if you would like to help one of these awesome animals below, go to Earth Rangers and start a campaign of your very own.

Fly on bobolink fly on!

Much love,

The Ginger Menace and his mom!




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