Hands are for building, creating, making and shaping; their grasp and their grip make them perfect vehicles through which we show the world the contents of our heart.

Open or closed, they contain our deepest hopes, darkest fears and express the most profound joys. We find ourselves in our hands and even when we lose ourselves, if we lighten our tight hold, we’ll remember the way back home. My hands are often sharing, wavering between mediums this ever-connected world affords.

Lately I’ve been given more pauses and gaps in between the simple things I used to share without much thought. My philosophy was that all these ways of keeping in touch and being within arms reach of one another, were systems of delivery but seldom did I stop to consider what I was delivering. I had taken moments before, but over the holidays and as the year has started, I consider more of what I’m sending out into the world, not because it will come back to me, but because there is the birthplace of the thought or the thing I so badly want to share that bears consideration.

Seldom did I stop to savor the spark, that birthplace of joy that drives us to want to share our lives; Funny stories, songs, pictures, anecdotes, quotes and memories of years passed by. This birthplace is such an important thing but one we overlook for the rush of sending a creation into the world.

I spent a few days contemplating the reasons why we share and the value we add to the world. I tried to hold up to the light, whether or not I was avoiding the truth that the Universe was sending an important message meant just for me. Was I keeping it at arm’s length so I didn’t have to accept the beauty of its truth?

We live in an abundant Universe overflowing with life, and I wondered whether or not the moment the first instinct is to share was also the very moment the Universe was reaching out its great arms and embracing us in the softest of hugs while smiling with Her eyes.


This one. This sunset, this trial, this memory, this smile. All for you.

I set it in motion the moment your feet hit the ground in the dark before dawn, one million symphonies so you’d know before your body left through the door.

You’re seen. You’re heard. You’re important and loved. Even in the shadows of another sleepless 3am, where you convince yourself that the critics are right. The spark will find you.

That moment of joy that caresses your mouth, curves your lips and crinkles your eyes is the reminder you might miss in the hurry of everyday but still the invitation stands. It’s a call to remember that no matter how dark, the darkest nights of your soul, and no matter how bright the light you’re dancing in, if it all comes together in a moment just to make you smile it isn’t because life is grand but because the bigger message being sent is a letter that reads:

You’re doing just fine.

All you need to be is okay today. Not perfect and not even fantastic. Just okay and we will build the rest.

You’re braver than you realize.

And smarter than you know.

All the hashtags, likes and retweets in the world couldn’t make up or take away the moment I went to press share and reminded myself that’s not why the sunset and trees are there.

Rather than sharing, I stood and basked in the light and let goosebumps cover the surface of my skin, leaving a trail of inspiration behind from the moment I noticed Nature’s grace to the beauty that gave me pause enough to stand on a busy side walk and take it all in.

Because sometimes, some things are meant just for me.

Here’s to the things meant just for you and the hope that you give yourself a moment to breathe it in and follow the light of your heart home.

Love, Light and Miracles,


About the Author

Cheryl Costello is the founder of The Finding Hearts Project, also writes for the Brampton Focus and formerly wrote at The Loving Instant. She has also worked with Fortune 500 and Financial Post 500 companies to bring greater attention, awareness and action for LGBTQ+ issues, giving the community a powerful voice. She has conducted workshops for LGBTQ+ students on the power of reclaiming their power through owning the stories they tell and was also a Keynote speaker at a Toronto World Pride event in 2014. If she isn't writing or organizing in the community, she's out with her camera, wandering a bookstore or out hiking among trees and water. Have a question you want to see answered on the blog? Stop by her page on Instagram, join in the good vibes and send her a message: @cherylalisoncostello