I woke up this morning to a bright, sunny, and warm winter morning. It’s also the first day of Daylight Savings Time, which means we’ll have an extra hour of daylight from today onward leading into summer. As a fan of winter, I’ll be sorry to see all my white surroundings slowly fade to beige, then green. I’m also not a big fan of spring in the city, all wet and dirty, as if the land is awaiting a total makeover. As well, being a night owl, I’ll miss the darkness of winter, but I’ll adapt as we all do every year.

This winter was yet another harsh one for many across Canada, and throughout the United States, as temperatures dropped well below freezing for extended periods of time. As well, who can forget the first big storm of this winter? Our dear neighbours in Buffalo just south(?) of us had upwards of a few metres of snow dumped on them literally overnight in November. Niagara Falls also froze over for the second year in a row, drawing many people out of their homes to view this rare sight.

Over the next couple of weeks, things will slowly change as we transition into another season. We really are lucky to live in a region that does offer a full circle of experiences in all four seasons. I can’t imagine living somewhere with the same weather pattern all year round. While some grumble and complain about the cold, or the heat, we can all take comfort in knowing it’s not permanent. We have four seasons, so why not make the best of all of them?

Although I will miss winter, this (almost) spring-like day has put a little ump into me, knowing that my next seasonal experience is about to begin. I do have to admit that the longer daylight in the summer is quite welcome, and perfect for outdoor lounging and activities. For those who dream of the sweat and heat those dog days of summer can bring, today must provide a huge smile of things to come.

For all of you that have been in hibernation these past few months, welcome back. I for one am going to be outdoors watching the later sunset this evening, and looking forward to my next season of adventures.

Whichever season is your favourite, we’ve got Daylight Savings Time with us until November 1st, 2015, then we head into winter again. Enjoy!


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