Getting Ready for the Holiday Season – Travel, Entertaining, and Home Swapping

Jonathan Scott, one half of the Canadian twin-brother-duo who bring television viewers renovation tips on the hit series Property Brothers, has recently teamed up with Mr. Clean to offer tips on sprucing your place up in 15 minutes! This almost sounds like one of those quirky quick-loss exercise gadgets, but this really can be done, and fairly easily as well.

So as we look forward to Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s, there’s often entertaining that’s part of these celebrations, and that means clean up time. Also, this time of year often involves travel plans to visit family and friends, and with the recent trend of home-exchange, couch-surfing, and AirBnB, there’s even more reasons to have your place in tip top shape. So whether entertaining for the night, or having guests stay at your place for a few days, here’s what Jonathan suggests as a quick #15minreno.

It all starts with the help of everyone’s favourite burly bald man dressed in white – Mr. Clean! While we all can’t have the luxury of having the man himself over to do the work for us, we can put his products to good use to make our lives easier. Here are a few ways that Jonathan says the Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner can be used to give a home a 15-Minute Renovation (#15MinReno). It’s not always possible to put a lot of time or money into making your home look new and fresh, so a #15MinReno with Mr. Clean can give you a like-new clean home that’s ready for all occasions.

Mr. Clean helps achieve a standard of clean that could mean avoiding major renovation or replacement purchases. With loads of unexpected uses, from restoring luster to floors, reviving tired-looking appliances, or even restoring your walls without having to repaint, Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner are the #15MinReno tools everyone needs in their arsenal.

This past summer Jonathan joined Mr. Clean at a launch event in New York City for the first-ever Mr. Clean Moving Institute, where he lent his home renovation expertise to demonstrate the ways in which the Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner can be used to make sure your home sparkles like new.

Demo stations showcased some of the #15MinReno tips for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner, including these top five:

  • Clean up the inside of your cabinets and get them looking like new again.
  • Shine up refrigerator shelves, stove and oven, counters and backsplash to get them glistening again
  • Brush the dirt, soap scum ring and discoloration that has built up around your tub and sinks
  • Remove floor scuffs and wall markings that inevitably happen throughout the year
  • Polish utensils, pots and pans, and other household items to give them a refreshed look

Watch Jonathan in action on Mr. Clean’s Vine page, and let these two men give you inspiration for your 15 minutes of clean.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser features no harsh chemicals and is available in numerous varieties that remove scuff-marks, dirt and grime. Fans are encouraged to follow @RealMrClean on Twitter for a chance to win a #15MinReno kit full of Mr. Clean products, and for an opportunity to chat with Scott directly about his favorite #15MinReno ideas.

For more information on the Mr. Clean family of products, visit Mr. Clean website, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Interesting Facts About Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean was created by Linwood Burton, a marine ship cleaning businessman, who was motivated to finding a cleaning solution that was effective yet less damaging and toxic that other cleaning abrasives. He later sold the product to Procter & Gamble in 1958, at which point the character Mr. Clean made his television commercial debut, and the product became the best-selling household cleaner on the market within six months of airing.

The original Mr. Clean jingle has been around since the product’s introduction, initially sung as a popular-music style duet between singers Don Cherry and Betty Bryan., which was written by Thomas Scott Cadden. Watch a vintage clip here.

About Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott have become household names in real estate and home renovation. And on Property Brothers, they’re as determined as ever to help couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into incredible dream homes. First, real estate specialist Drew tracks down hidden gems with untapped potential, and then it’s up to identical twin brother and contractor Jonathan to expertly overhaul these ramshackle properties. Convincing homebuyers to take a radical risk is their first challenge. Then they’ve got to deliver these ambitious renovation projects on time and on budget.

The show airs on both HGTV and W Network. Follow their adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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