There are books that talk about self-care in meaningful ways and then there are books which actually make good on the promises they make about how helpful they will be. “Time for Me” by Ruth Fishel happens to be one of these books and I couldn’t help but share with you.

When it made it to my desk, I was skeptical at first, wondering how such a small book could do all of the things the description and title promised. However, as I read each chapter I realized that the size meant nothing, because of how incredible the content was.


Broken into easy-to-read chapters, “Time for Me” delivers high quality content that packs a punch while proving immediately actionable in the reader’s life. Each small chapter contains a big lesson under “This Week’s Practice” heading, and I absolutely loved that unlike many other books currently on shelves, this one gives you tools you can use right away. I loved that it was short enough to make it easy to implement in my life right away, as I did with the chapter titled, “Time For Breathing”. Before my hospital visits where my health imploded in a matter of two weeks, I didn’t realize how powerful the simple things like remembering to take a deep breath every now and again really are to our overall well being. It’s this kind of wisdom that makes “Time for Me” such an important book to have on your bookshelves.

Ruth speaks in the book about her journey with Twelve-Step programs, and for those who are part of the recovery movement and are looking for a book to add to your shelves, this book is an indispensable resource because it builds on the Twelve-Steps without the tough stories that may trigger those in recovery. If you’re looking to give a gift to someone in your life that you’re taking those Twelve-Steps with, this is a great choice because at the heart of recovery is the concept that we are worth feeling good and that who we are is enough- all concepts reinforced by this book.

Balancing all parts of well being, Fishel’s work speaks to the importance of self-care, examining beliefs and eventually and including others in the process of what the back of the book calls, “creating your best life one day, one week at a time”. For a month after receiving it, I brought the book with me everywhere, reading its pages and wanting to put its chapters to the test in my daily life before writing this. If nothing else, I wanted to be able to say to my readers that this book is worth reading. Before work, I would read a chapter with my coffee in the morning and savor the delicious slow down that came with it, not realizing that making the book part of my routine, I was inviting a mindfulness at the heart of Ruth Fishel’s self-care gem.

Overall, the book is a well written tome on taking care of yourself and finding the courage to declare that you’re worth it. This world demands so much of us and requires that we put so many people and events before ourselves. If you do one thing for yourself this year, be sure to pick up Ruth Fishel’s book, so that you might reap it’s many rewards through the rest of the year.

Check out Ruth’s website and pick up her book at your local bookstores, Glad Day and Indigo.

Have you picked up your copy yet?

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