When Pip, badly beaten and left for dead, enters Forsyth Turn’s world, all things Forsyth knows as true are no longer. This tale of both fantasy and reality synthesizes together in a narrative about an unlikely hero, and his quest to be more than a ‘secondary character’.

J.M. Frey, a Canadian award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer has uniquely turned upside-down the concept of the misogynistic and unbent fantasy world that is so common in the contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres. Instead, she introduces us to a kick-ass and quirky feminist warrior, brought into Turn’s world with a stranger-than-fiction platform.

Similarly to the ground-breaking novel Sophie’s World by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, the reader is left unsure of what is real in a macrocosm of old-world lore, and philosophical perplexity. Directed by a celestial entity known as the Writer, we come to realize that the unsure, and hard-on-himself Forsyth lives in a world that is in fact, a series of novels. Furthermore, Pip is a Reader mysteriously dropped into this unforgiving narrative, with a desire to simply go home.

This story is nothing short of fun, unexpected, and a little bit queer. If your interested in a Science Fiction/Fantasy undertaking with all of the ingredients of a queer anthology, The Untold Tale is for you.

Available through J.M. Frey’s website, Amazon, and good book stores near you.


About the Author

Dallas Barnes is a freelance writer, queer community organizer, amateur yogi, and currently attempting to write her first novel. Currently residing in Calgary, she is the kind of proud feminist who will troll Facebook and Twitter looking to argue with the first person she sees that claims that feminism is dead. You can find Dallas’s ramblings on her blog Reset, Rewind, Rebirth…And Again and her Facebook page Dallas Barnes.