Peoples stories fascinate me, but there is one story that I never knew until 2009 when I reconnected with Laura my biological mom. While visiting her house for the first time I got an opportunity to reflect on the things that make storytelling a vital act of self expression. As I am on the verge of opening a 6 Week Narrative Healing Workshop Series I thought it was appropriate to do some of my own storytelling and healing to lead the way.

We tell our stories to create understanding, human connection and community. Memory is faulty but that is why the stories are so unique because we tell them from our perspective and listening to someones story is an opportunity to understand them. We also tell stories to place ourselves in our own identity, it helps us process our life experiences. Our story is ever evolving because we are ever evolving so journalling and memoir are never ending pursuits in the name of creativity, healing and honesty.

It was the first time I have had the opportunity to see Laura’s house. I got to visit all of the rooms and the memories that each one of them contained. The books she read, the things she kept in the fridge, the friends and family members that came to call each told a story of her.  I felt like I was marinating in this overwhelming abundance of memory, life and the person I knew next to nothing about even though she was the reason for my existence.

Being a storyteller I had always looked in the mirror and wondered what was biologically connected to someone else. Now I am in the beautiful position to not only develop a relationship with her but but to have her present as my son and her grandchild is growing up.

This week I had a mission and it was to use language to identify her. The Menace has a Grammy, two Grampas, a Grandma, a Nana and a Laura, but that was not enough. I wanted him to know who she was and now that we have started talking about how babies are made it was prime time for him to understand that she was a grandparent.

Nona and Ben Aug 2016

I was told very early on that I’m adopted and it was just a part of my life story in a normal healthy way. I want the same thing for my son to know where I came from, or more specifically who I came from. I decided to leave it up to them to decide what they liked best. We tossed a couple of names settled on Nona. Something about calling her that healed my heart, and I think it did for her too. This is now our story and she has a proper name in it.

I am very excited to be able to facilitate writing and healing for other people. To come together and share, learn about each other in a safe place and create a community. The Workshop Series is beginning this September 8th 2016 so join me and invoke your power to heal yourself with story!

Narrative Healing Workshop Series: Creative Writing to Support Your Healing Journey
Date: Thursday September 8th to Thursday October 13th (Six weeks.) Evenings7pm to 9pm
Location: Inner Arts Collective
Address:257 Danforth Avenue, Toronto
Packages: $500 for Workshop or $550 for workshop + 1hr treatment

To reserve your spot call (416) 317-2124
Email me at
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