As a frequent traveller who also aims to be as green as possible, the one pet peeve I have is how many plastic water bottles I see people using, and then disposing of after a single use. Sure there are the reusable bottles that can be carried along, however they are typically bulky and hard to carry, and it’s just one extra thing to carry along, and try not to lose.

Now there’s a new product on the market that’s a perfect hydrating travel companion. The expandable bottles are made of solid rubber materials, and collapse down to a circumference of around 5cm and height of 2cm, making it easy to stash in a carry-on bag, backpack, or pocket. The secure, screw-on, tightly sealed top makes it leak proof, and the bottle is easily washable by hand or dishwasher. Also, the larger circumference near the bottom makes it easier to grip and hold in your hand.

For those who avoid drinking tap water when travelling, there’s still the option to purchase larger size bottles and just filling your Hydaway as needed. It’s still less bottles going to landfills, or tossed away as litter. As well, these bottles aren’t just for travelling, but can be used at home, on road trips, at social outings, camping, etc.


Both sizes collapse to 1¼” to fit in a pocket, a pack, a purse, almost anywhere

Watertight seals throughout to prevent leaks

Rest assured, you will only taste pure hydration with the HYDAWAY bottle

Watertight seals throughout to prevent leaks

Carry handle fits your finger or a carabiner to easily clip to a backpack

Food-grade silicone and plastic are tested and 3rd-party certified safe

Don’t worry, you can put your Hydaway bottle in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning

Unsure how to use the Hydaway bottle? Watch this video.

Still undecided? Check out this blog post with 10 ideas on when a Hydaway bottle will come in handy.

Hydaway is manufactured in Bend, Oregon and recently began shipping to Canada. Available for purchase online at Hydaway in either 12 or 21 ounce sizes, in a variety of funky colours. There’s also an optional zip up plastic travel case with carry hook for easy portability as well.

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