My son is six. My son is a little less ginger and a bit more auburn. I know how all of that happened, as I was there to watch it, but sometimes you have to change you before the things around you can change as well. When I started writing The Ginger Menace for PinkPlayMags he was that baby boy toting a soother, packing a full bottle and fighting crime with Mr. Snuggly his teddy bear.

Don’t get me wrong, he is still my little superhero and will always be, but he is also turning out to be quite the little gentleman. He is very loving and sweet, sensitive, bright, creative, and prides himself on being an Earth Ranger. So I thought it was high time for an updated image. He still may crash the odd car, but these days he is learning the ways of the world and that the choices we make are our responsibility. 


Now hat he is bigger we are addressing the bigger questions and are able to handle more complex answers. He wants to know about things, and is understanding the difficult stuff in a bigger way. These are the sponge years I think when we learn and choose how we make a difference in the world and he is all for it. Whether it is a wildlife friendly garden (see my next post), talking about tragic events, understanding compassion, emotional regulation, talking about being in a queer family with a lesbian mom, or just running around in a cape.

So I present to you the slightly more sophisticated Queer Parenting blog; The Ginger Gent! Follow us on our continuing saga on

About the Author

Kelly Wilk is a freelance writer and single mom to red-headed, Irish, Aries boy who is growing up way too fast. Follow their adventures on PinkPlayMags' parenting blog "The Ginger Gent" , and also on Kelly's own website and blog, Brave. Creative. Me at