So did I say the Ginger Gent and I were going to Disney World? ‘Cause we are! We rolled out mid day on Friday bound for the border. With many a “are we there yet??” we made it to our stop-over and collapsed into a hotel bed. By Saturday we were driving through John Denver country. Until we got to those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains things out the window looked pretty much like Ontario, but then the landscape began to roll and dip and our ears began to pop. Suddenly we were in a misty forest tumbling up and down towards the sky. However the real wonder didn’t hit the Gent until we arrived in Florida.

When we pulled into the hotel it was windy and raining and even the next morning was a little grey for our liking. Even so we headed to the shore. I felt a little under-dressed in my bikini, but once in the surf the waters warmed us. With pure joy I watched my little Gent crash into the ocean for the first time. Catching him, we bounced up and down in the rolling aquamarine waves, and he screamed over the wind, “I can’t believe this is happening!!!” Worth the drive to Disney World right there. Then the sun came out and it pretty much looked like the illustration, perfecto!

The nice flat beach was perfect for a little yoga, and the hot tub overlooking the ocean was amazing,, but we still had to press on. We made a stop at the Daytona Speedway and then headed for the Magic Kingdom. We checked into the Allstar (sports-themed) hotel and took up residence near the giant metallic football.  Then he and his cousins proceeded to scream and splash in the pool until bedtime. Now however we march to the main event. Fortuitous that we have already been speaking about the ocean, because The Gent and his Greek Myth loving self has chosen his Halloween costume; Poseidon, God of the Sea. Complete with a Devil’s pitch fork his mother that’s re-purposed to be a trident with aluminum tape.

I have matched his costume for the last few years, playing Tinkerbell to his Captain Hook, and Black Widow to his Captain America. So what costume will I be donning for our march in the Disney World Halloween parade? Medusa!!! I have been told that Disney does Halloween up proper with decorations and the like, so as the Gent and I hit the parade I will be armed with a camera and I shall tell the tale, but for now…

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