It seems everyone is going electronic with everything these days. I know my dentist has been pushing electronic toothbrushes on me for years, but I always found them bulky, especially for travelling. Then I discovered BURST, with it’s handy USB connection, easily plugged into my laptop to recharge as I catch up on emails or do that social media stuff while on the road. The two-minute built-in brushing timer, strong bristles, and low price range make this a no-brainer for procrastinators like me. The other great aspect to this brand is that it’s all done online, as opposed to having to go to a retail shop. Purchase the initial product and all replacement brushes online, and have them shipped to you directly.

BURST was founded by Hamish Khayat in 2017 with the goal of revolutionizing the sonic oral care industry by providing consumers with affordable and high-quality products. Through its subscription, direct ship business model, BURST charges consumers a fair and affordable price. Consumers can purchase their first BURST subscription box online for $69.99, or through a dental professional. This includes the toothbrush, USB charger and one toothbrush head. For an additional $6.00, including shipping and handling, consumers will receive a new toothbrush head every three months.


• BURST’s distinctive black bristles are a result of binchotan charcoal sourced from Wakayama, Japan. By coating the bristles with this particular type of charcoal, they are able to collect and absorb potentially harmful substances between your teeth and gums – including bacteria, plaque, germs and other toxins. By absorbing these impurities, yellow stains on the teeth and the bacteria that causes bad breath are reduced.
• This brush features an industry-leading 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute and three different brushing modes: whitening, sensitive and gum massage.
• The brush is equipped with a two-minute timer to ensure users are thoroughly brushing for a deep clean. Additionally, the Quadpacer interval timer will double vibrate every thirty seconds, letting you know to move to the next quadrant of your mouth. At the end of two minutes, the brush will turn off.
• BURST will perfectly complement a busy and active lifestyle: the sonic toothbrush can be charged via USB, and for travellers, a quick one-hour charge will last four weeks.

• BURST launched its second product in its line of effective, affordable oral care products in Nov. 2017 – whitening strips will remove years of intrinsic
stains in just a few days.
• Price: A subscription is $14.99; delivered in packs of 1 or 2 every three months. A one-time purchase is $19.99.
• Each pack includes a 7-day supply.

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