I met Stacey from “The House of Sass & Magic” at a June 2018 Pride Toronto community trade show, which our publisher INspired Media is a founder and partner of. I fell in love right away with the name of the business, it’s very SASSY. Stacey also was very delightful to chat with, she was passionate about the work they do, and community oriented, which as our readers know is something I am very big on. I even mentioned to her I might get her to create an original outfit for myself for a future event.

Stacey, tell us more about the history of “The House of Sass & Magic” and what do you all do there?

The initial inspiration for the House of Sass & Magic was a combination of my love for electronic dance music festivals & the fashion that encompasses the culture of festival goers. There is a freedom & acceptance of individuality at the festivals I attend both personally & professionally. That vibe is inspirational, rejuvenating & wonderful to see in the world. I’ve married my experience as a professional dancer, the craftsmanship I learned whilst currently operating one of the sibling brands to HouseSM; Flash Design Company, which specializes in custom costuming for dancers, with my love for music, art and expressionism. I feel very strongly about the need to allow people to express themselves in a way that displays their true self, without rules, judgment or ridicule.
The House of Sass & Magic is a manifestation of my belief that everyone deserves the ability to express themselves freely. We don’t all fit into, nor do we all want to fit into the “norms” of society. I really want to provide an outlet for those of us that live outside “the box” to express themselves via their wardrobe. Since not everyone possesses the skill to create their own clothing, myself and The House of Sass & Magic will do that.

We create both custom clothing and short run/limited edition items. We design and build everything on-site in Leslieville, ON Canada where I reside in my live/work studio. We are a small team that loves collaborating with clients to help conceptualize initial design ideas. This coupled with our artistic expertise which creates a look and feel that produces some truly amazing and unique results. Our creations range from leggings to tank tops, from corsets to full on performance wear.

Big team?

The team is small. We are 3-6 people depending on the time of year and what projects we have on the go.

It all starts with the customer. Who’s your ideal clientele? And what experience they get at The House?

Our ideal client is someone who isn’t afraid of the sass and also has the desire to look and feel like magic while wearing their outfit. Our clients/regular customers are individuals who can’t find their desired look, size or aesthetic in a commercial setting. We cater to people of all genders, demographics and sizes.
The experience is one of inclusivity and comfort. We will be sure to create an environment that provides a safe space for the person. We’ve had individuals that came to the studio to shop without the pressure of their friends with the at a pop up. Their preferred clothing was not known to their peers. It is very important to us that the customer is getting what assists them in creating an environment for their self expression.

Tell us your story with fashion, what made you fall in love?

I grew up in rural Ontario on a farm. I was notorious for changing my wardrobe multiple times a day. Completely unnecessary on the farm! To be completely honest I don’t have a defining moment for falling in love with fashion. I remember loving the outfits my Gramma wore and seeing that the details mattered. I grew up dancing and went on to have a dance career. Being surrounded by and wearing costumes definitely shaped my love for dressing up. There’s a special something that happens when you have a certain outfit or pair of shoes on. That’s what I love creating. The experience for the wearer is what it’s about for me. The relationship between the person and the garments.

What makes a fashion choice different and more unique than another fashion choice?

In my opinion, not following the commercial structure of what we are told is fashionable makes the choice more unique. I personally love taking trends and/or norms and turning them into something else. I’m constantly using the words “wish”, “esque” and inspired by. We’re conditioned to think that if we don’t do and/or wear things that we’re “told to” then we’re doing it wrong. That’s ridiculous in my opinion. Live your best life, live out loud and wear whatever the heck you want!

Why is community important to you?

Without community we have a world of solitary people trying to coexist. We as humans are not genetically programmed to be alone. We need community and companionship to succeed and be fulfilled. The support and camaraderie that is required to propel humans forward to a constructive way is failing in some ways. The more we can come together and understand each others differences instead of fearing them, the stronger a community can become. I believe that the free-er we can be to express ourselves, the more the opportunity to discuss our similarities & understand the differences will arise.

Thank you very much for your time, you do haver a fantastic business. And readers make sure to check them out at www.HouseSMtdot.com or https://www.facebook.com/HouseSM/

About the Author

Antoine Elhashem our publisher of PinkPlayMgs, theBUZZ, and The Pink Pages Directory, is a seasoned media, community, and business leader, with 30 years career in the industry. He is the host of “On the Couch” the popular LGBTQ community talk show on ROGERS tv and YouTube, and he also pens a blog for theBUZZ magazine called “Some of My Most Favourite People” where he takes a look at community events, pop culture, and entertainment.