After the decriminalisation of section 377, the Indian queer community is opening up, but their struggle reamain the same. Despite the discrimination and social judgements, these sections are thriving and sticking to their identities – secretly or openly.

Ten inspiring people from various sections of the queer community of Mumbai and surrounding areas will be featured in the first season of ‘Closet to Kitchen with Nakshatra Bagwe’.Presented by and, the show is set to release on Paramplay website and app in August, 2019.

A plate of sumptuous delicacies binds hearts, brings people together, and makes you independent. These are all aspects that are a stepping stone for the queer community to sail through an ostracized life. Struggling with acceptance and self-identity, the fear of coming out of the closet, and standing strong in the face of loneliness are some of the silver linings of this community. Cooking is indeed an exquisite talent misunderstood and lost as a basic need for masses, especially for the queer community to survive an independent life.

Nakshatra Bagwe, the host, will visit homes of inspiring ‘cooks/chefs’ (in some cases a couple or a family) from the queer community. The participant will highlight and paint their interesting journey from ‘closet to kitchen’. They then will demonstrate a recipe or two for the viewers while having a casual conversation with the host.

The idea is to highlight the struggle and fighting spirit of the queer community, and also to teach new recipes to the viewers. Different sections of the queer community from diverse class, religion, social and regional backgrounds will be spotlighted. From a professional chef to someone who had to learn cooking for the survival, from a small room in chawl to a bungalow, the struggle could be different- positive or even negative, but two things stay common in all – they all want to smile and they love cooking! Along with motivating viewers to hit the kitchen and learn cooking or new recipes, these stories will help people to come out of the closet and to be themselves.

Nakshatra Bagwe is in award winning actor, filmmaker, and India’s first gay brand ambassador. Known widely for his work in the Indian queer community, he is a popular face among the the Desi queers. His inspiring story has motivated many and still continues to do so. Nakshatra along with his mom have successfully ran a food catering business for several years. This is Nakshatra’s 16th’ queer project. He is also owner of BackPack Travels, a gay tour operator in India.

Take a preview peek at what to expect below

This show will be available for INR 99/- on @paramplay app and site. Two free episodes will be available on YouTube as well.

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