Europe’s top gay hotel and the UK’s first gay happiness initiative combine forces to create Europe’s most unique wellness retreat for gay men. 

This new retreat provides gay men with a stunning and stress-free environment to learn mindfulness techniques, self-awareness and life skills in the company of other like-minded gay men. Taking place in the South of France, the retreat builds on the huge success of London based ‘The Gay Happiness Project, a unique 8-week mindfulness-based group training program designed for gay men who want to increase happiness and life satisfaction. The Project was started just over a year ago by positive psychologist Christopher Samsa and transformational coach Robert Hutchinson in response to their own experience of poor mental well-being in the gay community. The Gay Happiness Project has achieved impressive levels of success, with evidence-based results showing an increased sense of happiness, decreased feelings of depression and general improvements in satisfaction with their lives.

Europe’s first ever gay life skills and mindfulness retreat. 

Gay Happiness Founders Chris and Robert have created a unique 7-day retreat to offer an alternative way for gay men to access the benefits and overall experience of the 8-week program. As well as two workshops a day and morning yoga sessions, the group will be cooking and eating meals together at the guesthouse, and going on outings such as wine tasting, kayaking and sightseeing.

The 7-day Gay Happiness Project Retreat runs Oct 4 to 9, 2019. 

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“They’ll leave their work and their complex lives behind for a week – and hopefully be in a more open, relaxed frame of mind. We think being somewhere like Cinq & Sept will accelerate the process of coming together and opening up that is core to the programme experience.” – Christopher Samsa, co-founder 

“Our hotel has long been an escape for gay men to relax in a supportive environment. Now this new partnership will allow us to take that to the next level by creating a fun, warm cocoon in which members of The Gay Happiness Project can learn, work and play together.” – Greg Taylor, co-owner Cinq & Sept 


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