Fall is in full swing, which means winter is fast approaching. Not to fear though, as there are plenty of ways to keep the body warm and cozy during these cooler temperatures. Just in time for the holiday season, Forty Creek has added two new exclusive premium whisky releases to their growing portfolio: Three Grain and Resolve, as well as a new cream liqueur, and a botanical whiskey!

Recently named winner of “Canada Whiskey Distillery of the Year” at the New York International Spirits Competition, Forty Creek expands their existing line of product offerings with these two very limited innovations that provide whisky connoisseurs with bold, flavourful taste profiles.

Three Grain Whisky

To celebrate their debut whisky’s 20th anniversary, Forty Creek has launched a commemorative edition of their original Three Grain whisky. Originally launched in 2000, along with small lots released throughout the years, this final iteration is available exclusively in the distillery’s home province of Ontario.

Starting off sweet then drying quickly, the medium weight spirit boasts grassy and forward notes along with a masterful marriage of green and white pepper, almonds, and nutmeg. With only 9,200 bottles produced – representing the first year of whisky stocks in 1992 – this full flavoured, grainy, and nutty bouquet will bring aficionados back to their first glass of Three Grain. Even if you haven’t tasted previous incarnations, this is one damn fine whisky. One of those that deserves to be sip and savoured straight up, without any mix to dilute the flavouring.

Forty Creek Resolve

Forty Creek’s highly anticipated 14th annual limited release, Resolve, is the grand finale in the trilogy of specialty wood treatment whiskies from Master Blender Bill Ashburn. Using a foundation of barrel aged corn, barley and rye whiskies – further aged with a high-spice stave – this limited-edition whisky celebrates the Forty Creek family’s dedication to excellence in creating, producing and distributing one of Canada’s top whiskies. Only 6,500 bottles of Resolve have been produced.

The Resolve journey starts with a whisper of butterscotch and ends with an interwoven flavour mix, reminiscent of a long-matured Christmas cake. With cereal and a pulling bitterness that balances the barley sugar sweetness of candied fruit, the medium-bodied, long peppery finish whisky pairs well with fine cheeses and chocolate. The elevated spice profile is rounded out with a drop of vintage Villard Noir Port that closes out the wood treated, port finished whisky trilogy.

Forty Creek fans can discover these exclusive new whiskies available only while supplies last.

  • Three Grain availability: $59.95 CAD (Ontario-exclusive)
  • Resolve availability: $79.95 CAD (Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick)

Nanaimo Bar Cream

As well, this year there’s something new to bring to the table for the holiday season. Inspired by the heart of British Columbia, Forty Creek‘s newest Nanaimo Bar Cream pays tribute in name and flavour to the iconic West Coast dessert, adding to their already popular original liqueur offering. With limited releases and new iterations of fan-favourites throughout the years, devotees following this journey will be more than satisfied with this latest Cream family innovation.

This decadent new flavour boasts hints of wafer, coconut, chocolate ganache, rich custard, and nuts. To the nose, there’s bursts of cocoa, coconut, and a slight hint of graham cracker. Best served chilled, neat, on the rocks, added to coffee, or any number of cocktail creations. Seriously, you have to try this as an alternative, or replacement, for other liqueur products on the market. Is it too much to enjoy a serving, while enjoying a Nanaimo Bar as well? I think not. Anything goes this holiday season!

Available year-round across the country for $29.95 CAD.

The Forager Botanical Whisky

Introducing the world’s first Canadian botanical whisky! The Forager is steeped with wild-sourced botanicals for a fresh herbal flavour that both whisky and gin enthusiasts will enjoy.  Made by foraging the Canadian wilderness to hand-pick the finest natural botanicals, while practicing sustainable harvesting methods that respect both the plants and their surrounding eco-systems.

Using a process similar to steeping tea, a 4-year-old Canadian whisky is steeped with fresh botanicals, like juniper berries, mugwort, spruce tips, Labrador tea, and sweet fern. The result is a subdued toffee on the nose followed by an immediate white pepper with sweet soothing caramels on the palate and a long herbal essence finish. Serves well over tonic and ice with a slice of lemon, or as a shot, straight up or on the rocks. This is definitely something unique to the beverage industry, once again showing that Forty Creek leads the way with redefining what Canadian whisky is.

Forager Botanical Whisky is a permanent addition to the Forty Creek portfolio, and is available for purchase at the LCBO and in most provinces for $34.95. Price may very by province. For more information and updates on the product, follow Facebook and Instagram @foragerwhisky.

Forty Creek entered the whisky market as one of the first craft distillers, and continues to produced remarkable new products year after year. The company recently took home three esteemed awards from the 2020 New York International Spirits Competition, including “Canada Master Whiskey Blender of the Year” for Master Blender Bill Ashburn, “Canada Whiskey Distillery of the Year”, and a Gold Medal for Forty Creek Barrel Select.

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