Are you a seasoned beer drinker who likes to try new products? Do you ever wish you could have your say in the beer making process? Do you aspire to be a brewmaster? Well, here’s your chance to participate in great beer tasting event virtually, from the comfort of your favourite home bar stool.

Each Mystery Pack includes 4 IPA’s, and it’s up to you to decide which one gets the honour of being turned into a stand-alone public release. No pressure, but this MAY be one of the most important decisions of your entire life. The beer that gets the most top votes will be released in the spring of 2021.

A – 5.5% alc./vol, B – 6.5% alc./vol, C – 3.5% alc./vol, D – 4.3% alc./vol

For the full VIP experience, upgrade to the Mystery Pack Virtual Guided Tasting

On November 27th at 7pm, Nickel Brook’s “Head Scientist” (aka Head Brewer, Ben) will sip his way through the Mystery Pack brews one-by-one while chatting about tasting notes and other fun science-ish beer-ish things. The idea is that you sip along with Ben. Sounds fun, right?

Here’s what you’ll receive:

– 1x Mystery Pack (4 different IPAs)
– 1x FREE Mystery Pack Limited Edition Glass
– 1x Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Collab beer
– 1x Special coupon
– The pleasure of hearing Ben say the word “science!” more times than you can count!

Mystery Pack Tasting kits will be shipping the week of November 23rd. Zoom call information will be sent to all participants on November 26th.

After you “study” each beer carefully and thoroughly, head HERE to cast your vote for your favourite. Once you vote you’ll have the chance to claim one of 500 limited-edition glasses and enjoy the feeling of knowing that you made the world a better place. You’ll also be automatically placed in a draw to win beer for a year!

Here’s how to order your Mystery Pack. Buy now at $13.95.

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