Wellington Brewery has released their latest edition of their UVB-76 Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout series, and their Volume 9 Welly Mix Pack, just in time for the holiday season.

UVB-76, also known as “the Buzzer”, is a mysterious Russian shortwave radio station that has been broadcasting continuously at 4625 kHz since 1973. Inspired by this cryptic radio transmission, the brewery has created a series of four Imperial Russian Stouts and bourbon barrel-aged them to perfection: Take note, these are full body, dark brews with an alcohol volume of 11.9%, double your average beer. Take your time to enjoy these, as each is full of unique flavours, and best enjoyed in a chilled glass. 

📡 UVB-76 Roman is the original bourbon barrel-aged UVB-76 Imperial Russian Stout.This classic straight barrel-aged stout has an enticing brown butter flavour with rich caramel notes, dark cocoa, and smoky bourbon notes on the finish. UVB-76 Roman is a bold and beautiful combination of barrels and beer. ABV: 11.9%  

📡 UVB-76 Sofia is an indulgent pastry stout inspired by a Medovik cake with honey, graham cracker, and marshmallow. UVB-76 Sofia is an indulgent pastry stout inspired by a Medovik cake with honey, graham cracker, and marshmallow. This take on the UVB-76 stout is a dessert in a glass with rich marshmallow flavours on the nose, a hint of honey, and a lingering graham cracker sweetness on the finish. ABV: 11.9%

📡 UVB-76 Daniil uses a classic combination of apple and cinnamon to create a comforting and decadent stout. UVB-76 Danil creates a comforting and decadent stout, with a rich mouthfeel and a hint of vanilla from the bourbon barrel coming through this unique variation. It showcases dried apple and cinnamon bark which come together to re-create an apple pie in stout form. ABV: 11.9%

📡 UVB-76 Yelena showcases the bright and lively side of coffee by taking Ethopian Sidamo cold brew and blending it with Cascara tea made from the skins of the coffee fruit. Instead of roasted coffee notes, this stout allows the barrel notes to blend with the expressive citrus coffee flavours alongside a slight raisin note and hint of hibiscus on the finish that comes from the Cascara. ABV: 11.9%

Available individually or as a 4-Pack online and from the brewery along with a new custom-designed UVB-76 glass tumbler or goblet while supplies last. Artwork for the series is designed by in-house graphic designer Gordon Auld. Previous releases from the UVB-76 series have won national and provincial awards and the series is highly anticipated every year. Read about last years release here.

These beers are only available exclusively from the brewery and online bottle shop for $21.95 (4-pack) with shipping available across Ontario.

Volume 9 of the Welly Mix Pack is now available, and includes: Chocolate Milk Stout, Upside IPA, Crispy Forever – Double Dry-Hopped Helles Lager, and Sun Stands Still – Dark Sour with Cranberry

1 x 473mL – Chocolate Milk Stout

This sweet and robust stout is brewed with cocoa, lactose, roasted malts, and a touch of flaked oats. With an inviting aroma of dark chocolate and a silky smooth unfiltered malt body, this sweet and roasty stout is a decadent treat! ABV: 6.6%   |   IBU: 18

1 x 473mL – Upside IPA

Upside is exploding with juicy grapefruit, peach, and tropical hop flavours. This New England style IPA has a hazy appearance, soft mouthfeel, and balanced bitterness which allows the vibrant dry-hop flavours to shine. Bursting with fresh citrus hop character, this tasty IPA is on the up and up! ABV: 6.8%   |   IBU: 58

1 x 473mL – Crispy Forever

Crispy Forever is the award-winning Helles Lager double dry-hopped with loads of Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. With a fresh citrus aroma, grassy hop notes, and an extra crisp finish, this one truly is Ontario’s #1 crispy boy. ABV: 4.5%   |   IBU: 20

1 x 473mL – Sun Stands Still

This captivating dark sour illuminates the senses with a combination of roasty malt flavours and lactic sourness which come together with tart cranberry to produce some unexpected and otherworldly flavours. ABV: 5.7%   |   IBU: 20

Pick up your Mix Pack via the online bottle shop for $13.95.

Wellington Brewery is Canada’s oldest independently owned microbrewery. Opened in 1985, and based in Guelph, Ontario, their award-winning beers are still done in small batches using the freshest all-natural ingredients. Whether it be their traditional style ales, or one of the Welly One-Off Series, you’re guaranteed a good brew!

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