Jägermeister is launching its first ever international streetwear collection. Now you can dress up to drink up!

Core elements of the Jägermeister brand, urban streetwear style and bits of nightlife, come together in twelve exclusive pieces that make up the collection. During this time of a global coronavirus pandemic, Jägermeister remains committed to spreading a message of optimism, conveying that we will hopefully be able to enjoy time together with each other again soon.

To make a contribution in support of the club culture that is severely threatened by this crisis, Jägermeister will give one euro (CAD1.50) per order to the United We Stream initiative. The international cultural platform and streaming collective is committed to supporting club culture during this worldwide crisis.

Creativity in the streetwear community.

The New York-based stylist Bloody Osiris, known far and wide for his streetwear style, is the international face of this streetwear collection. His pioneering and unconventional design ideas have earned him respect and a permanent place in the streetwear fashion community. “I’m honored to be a part of this international campaign, because as someone who thinks outside the box, I really appreciate the boldness that Jägermeister steps outside their comfort zone and creates something new. Within the campaign I had the creative control to stay true to my authentic self, and the Jägermeister streetwear collection is driven by the same convictions”, says Bloody Osiris.

The Jägermeister streetwear collection launches globally on January 31, 2021, available exclusively at www.bestnights.com.

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