For those who wake up in the morning, put on a pot of coffee, and grab our favourite breakfast cereal, there are a couple of new products on the market to kick that routine up a notch!

Love Coffee? Love Cereal? 

Post Foods has put a spin on Canada’s iconic cup of Tim Hortons coffee, by introducing a cereal for coffee lovers and cafe mocha drinkers alike who can now enjoy their favourite flavours in cereal form with the new Post Tim Hortons Cafe Mocha Flavoured Cereal. The cereal combines rich chocolate and smooth coffee flavours with mocha-swirled marshmallows to make everyone’s morning that much more enjoyable.

The two companies had previously partnered last year with Post Timbits Cereal, and “it was one of the most successful innovations in the history of our category,” said Tausif Hossain, Senior Brand Manager, Post Foods.

Not overly sweet, with just the right amount of crunch. Put aside the healthy fruit smoothies, and treat yourself to this delectable morning munch. It’s the double-shot of wake up that you’re body needs!

Now available at major grocery retailers across Canada.

L’Eggo my Eggo…Cereal

Eggo – everyone’s favourite toaster-ready waffle – is celebrating its 50th birthday in Canada by introducing Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal featuring mini chocolate-flavoured waffle-shaped cereal pieces, dusted with a decadent chocolatey coating. This newest member of the family brings Eggo’s iconic, well-known, much-loved and delicious brand to life in the cereal aisle.

Made with whole grains and containing no artificial flavours or colours, the delicious mini waffle-shaped pieces offer an irresistible chocolate flavour that doesn’t quit, and the unique waffle pieces stay crispy in milk. The final flavour surprise is revealed when the cocoa saturates the milk, leaving a bowl of delicious chocolatey cereal milk at the end. Good to the last spoonful!

Launching as a permanent flavour, Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal is in stores now, where it joins its sister flavour Eggo Maple Syrup Flavour Cereal.

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