Wellness brand, Nature’s Sunshine is here to help you to upgrade your self-care routine. Between the cold winter and the second wave of the pandemic, it’s vital to remember that your physical well-being is just as important as your mental well-being. While taking a stroll is great for you both physically and mentally, here are some additional ways to take care of yourself during this time.

  • Detox Basics works to relieve digestive disturbances and support intestinal/gastrointestinal health due to ingredients such as Milk Thistle and Berberine IR which protects your liver and contributes to healthy glucose metabolism. Detox Basics is a comprehensive, 30-day detox program designed to help support the function of liver, an organ involved in detoxification. It also provides antioxidants.
  • HTP-Powerpromotes the production of serotonin and can help stabilize moods as well as working to reduce insomnia. Described as the natural serotonin precursor, the supplement aids the brain with serotonin the “feel-good” hormone.
  • Astragalus, an ancient Chinese adaptogen herb helps increases stamina and support of the immune system by supporting the body’s ability to accommodate varying physical and emotional stresses.
  • Carbo Grabbers derived from northern white kidney beans, this supplement supports those with weight loss goals by helping to reduce the conversion of complex carbohydrates to calories.
  • St Johns Wort with passionflower combines two classic herbs used in traditional medicine to help relieve symptoms of depression, nervous stress, and debility.

About Nature’s Sunshine
Since 1972 Nature’s Sunshine has grown from a small, family-owned business to one of the leading health and wellness companies in the world. And it’s all built around you; you’re special. Your body, your life, your needs…it’s all unique to you. For a custom solution as unique as you are, we’ve made over 200+ different products. From targeted care to daily essentials and weight management solutions, our natural health products feature the best raw ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.


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