As the lockdowns continue around the world, many are starting to get the itch…ya that itch. For intimacy, human contact, sex, and self-pleasure. So what’s one to do if locked down in solo isolation? The answer: sex toys!

Why not grab something to make this year memorable for more reasons than one?

The idea behind the brand LELO started in 2003, in the front room of a Stockholm townhouse, where three designers coalesced at exactly the right place and the right time, with exactly the right idea. It was an idea that would eventually reshape and transcend the confines of an entire industry, and it began with a simple question: What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?

Now in their second decade of producing the most refined, most luxurious, and most iconic objects of desire in the world, LELO has established a heritage based on quality, on unexpected innovation, and on being entirely different from everything and everyone else. Their products are designed for all genders and sexualities, and their website is one of the best for providing detailed information, facts, and product videos. The company also provides full warranties for all products purchased.

Below are two of their newer product offerings that are available for online purchase, with shipping options available worldwide in discreet mailings, with attractive product packaging.

Billy 2

This prostate massage comes with eight pleasure settings and even more power, making it the all-in-one toy for whatever mood you’re in. It’s made with soft silicone, is 100% waterproof, and USB-rechargeable, so no worries about having batteries on hand, or any issues with tidying up after use. Being waterproof also means it’s good for use in the shower or tub as well.

So what are you waiting for? Grab hold, start slow, and ramp up to a final climax with the curved tapered design that reaches all the right spots!

F1s Developers Kit Red

The world’s first SenSonic sextech console for men is here! Featuring 10 sensors, it bridges the gap between science and nature with next generation pleasure. Using powerfully intense dual motors, Cruise Control™, and LELO’s revolutionary SenSonic™ technology, F1s massages with deeply satisfying sonic waves for an entirely new, completely mind-blowing sexual experience. Or better yet, utilize the free SDK (software development kit) to create your very own sensations and track your progress through the customizable internal sensors.

Yes, this may seem a bit intimidating and over-the-top for someone just seeking a bit of self-pleasure, but it’s actually quite easy to navigate using LELO’s simplistic instruction manuals and videos. An exclusive LELO app will become available to you when your product is shipped, compatible with iOS and Android. Connected by Bluetooth, the app allows you greater and closer control over your personal pleasure. With the app, you truly put pleasure at your fingertips. Take a look at this video to get an idea of the technology within this futuristic product.

Instead of standard vibrations, one of the motors emits powerful sonic waves that permeate deep into your penis, making it feel as though it’s resonating pleasurably from all directions all at once, instead of simply tickling the nerve endings on the surface of your skin. It will most definitely help you achieve the most overwhelming orgasms of your life.

This product is designed with a sturdy aluminum exterior shell, and a built in window that allows users to have a view of the action taking place inside its smooth interior. It can also be used without using the phone technology, by way of the built in manual switches. The noise-free operation makes it perfect for use most anywhere, and the compact size makes is a great travel companion. After an easy clean up, you’re ready to go for round two!

LELO is by far one of the more top-end, luxurious, sensual toy makers on the market. For those seeking the ultimate double pleasure, why not grab both products and completely satisfy your needs from front to back?

Check out a list of their bestsellers here.

ImLive State of Intimacy Survey Results

  • Valentine’s Day 2021
    • The year of the sex toy
      • 18% of respondents are planning on buying sex toys for Valentine’s Day
  • Increase your chances of getting laid with the COVID-19 vaccine!
    • 42% of respondents will find someone more attractive if they have the COVID-19 vaccine
    • 74% of single people are not having sex during COVID
  • General State of Intimacy heading into 2021
    • 27% of people would have sex with a sex robot
    • 56% watch porn with their partner
    • 24% of respondents have had a threesome in the past year
  • Instagram models are driving the most sexy content of 2021
    • 35% of respondents have followed more Instagram models
    • 38% of people in a relationship have followed more Instagram models since March 2020 – is “digital cheating” happening under our noses?


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