SodaStream is the one home product you need, but don’t realize you do until you get one. How many times have you been out for dinner, and the server asks, would you like still or sparkling water? If you’re like me, you go for the sparkling since it’s not something you always have at home, and it’s sort of a special treat.

Basically, what SodaStream does is turn your regular tap water into a sparkling seltzer at the touch of a button. No more buying cans or bottles to get your bubbly fix. The brand also recently launched bubly Drops, in a variety of flavours that will upgrade your sparkling water into a refreshing fizzle of fun. You can also try squeezing fresh lemon or lime in as well, but be sure to only add any flavouring after you’ve carbonated your bottle.

An Original Variety 3 or 6-Pack includes blackberry, lime, grapefruit, strawberry, cherry, and mango bubly drops – no calories. no sweeteners. all smiles. One 40ml bubly drops bottle makes about 12L* of bubly sparkling water.

There are several machine options below that fit any budget:

Original Fizzi slim sparkling water maker has been designed to fit into any kitchen space, without needing electricity, for all of your at home carbonation needs. The reusable bottle reduces plastic waste, coupled with the convenience of unlimited sparkling water any time you like.

Available in: Black, White, Ice Blue, Yellow and Pink

Fizzi Bubly is SodaStream’s newest launch, a collaboration with bubly, the sparkling water brand from PepsiCo. The kit includes an Original Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker and bubly drops for SodaStream in refreshing flavors bubly fans know and love – Black Fizzi with Cherry Drops & Icy Blue Fizzi with Blackberry Drops. Grab this limited edition maker quick!