Andrew C. Youngson’s ‘The Memory Project: A Sci-Fi Mystery Novel´ embroils readers deep in the world of Weavers – rare telepathic humans who can experience the memories of others through touch. It’s a compelling story that challenges gender stereotypes, champions LGBTQ+ rights and explores how the past and present can so easily fold in on each other. It’s intense – yet profound.

Synopsis of ‘The Memory Project: A Sci-Fi Mystery Novel’:

“Remember me…”

She cries to me from the past. A past that isn’t mine.

Douglas ‘Angel’ Sermanni is losing himself. 

Other people’s memories are an open book to him – the gift and curse of a Weaver. His psyche has been fractured by the trauma of his clients, and now he’s been cast out by his secretive overseers, The Mnemosyne Project.

The fog of Angel’s mind is punctured by a recovered memory – the dying call of a young girl. He flees London, following her final words back to his Thailand boarding school where a forgotten pact made with childhood friends is rekindled.

Amid the rain and neon of Bangkok’s backstreets, a deadly truth lies in wait. With each terrifying revelation, Angel’s past and present fold into one another, threatening to change the course of his world forever.

‘The Memory Project: A Sci-Fi Mystery Novel’ is available March 31st, 2021.

Available from Billington Publishing. Copies can also be ordered from Amazon.

Andrew C. Youngson is a Scot living in London. A former features writer for a daily newspaper, he now splits his time between work in the education sector and writing. He was schooled in Bangkok, Thailand, during his teenage years – an experience which has informed elements of his novel, The Memory Project. As a gay man, Andrew is passionate about telling queer stories, and reimagining the confines of traditional literary genres through an LGBTQ+ lens.

“There’s lots of supernatural murder mysteries on the market, but none that explore their narratives with themes such as gay romance, gender and identity fluidity, and the meaning of memory,” explains the author. “These are issues that today’s young readers are in-tune with more than any other generation in history, yet I still want to challenge them and push them out of their comfort zone. See it as X-Men meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower!”

Continuing, “I was schooled in Bangkok, and deliberately set the book in Thailand to demystify this often confused and extremely beautiful country. The spirituality of the nation exudes from every drop of air, and I wanted to craft something that would pull readers in to experience it for themselves. Who knows, perhaps it will inspire some of my readers to put it on their travel bucket list.”



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