Spring is here and it’s time to rejuvenate your skin in preparation for the warmer days ahead. One of the key steps to a healthier looking appearance is including facial masks as part of your regular pampering regiment. Bl’eau is a Canadian owned company based in British Columbia, that offers a wide selection of beauty products that are both naturally and ethically produced.

Glacial Oceanic Clay is sustainably sourced from West Coast Glaciers off the coast of British Columbia. This unique clay contains more than 60 minerals and rare healing elements to help restore and revitalize skin through the changing seasons. It has a soft, mouse-like texture that draws out impurities while locking in moisture, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

Created from centuries of flowing oceanic glaciers, Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay is rich in nourishing sea minerals, including zinc, calcium and selenium, as well as vitamins A, E and F. While soothing and gently exfoliating skin upon application, this clay also promotes long-term healthy skin cell renewal for a lasting radiant complexion. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help replenish skin’s natural barrier, tighten pores and increase collagen production to reveal soft and youthful skin. While Winter is about nourishing and repairing skin, Spring is all about deep cleaning and protecting the skin from more sun-filled days ahead.

“Through intensive research and a sustainable harvesting process that only occurs once a year, we have created a natural skin-care collection that incorporates this rare and transformative ingredient,” says Melanie, Chief Operating Officer at Bleau.

Bleau‘s all-natural skin-care collection is suitable for all skin types and incorporates Glacial Oceanic Clay and it’s extracted ingredient, Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water, in all products. Products including Glacial Oceanic Clay Masks, Glacial Mineral Toner, Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Cream and Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Emulsion, can be seamlessly added into any Spring skin-care routine.

Try one of the following four different type of masks:

Glacier Oceanic Clay

Sourced from ancient glaciers off the coast of British Columbia, our Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask gently exfoliates, soothes redness and irritation, and infuses thirsty skin with intense hydration. Boasting more than 60 minerals, micronutrients and rare elements that are proven to detoxify and replenish, this detoxifying botanical blend promotes a softer, brighter and radiant complexion.

Spirulina Clay

Reveal hydrated and supple skin with our Nourishing Spirulina Clay Mask. Boasting a healthy dose of anti-inflammatories, this powerhouse blend heals acne, reduces redness and intensely moisturizes, supporting a healthy, vibrant complexion.

Seaweed Clay

Reveal smooth and radiant skin with our Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask. Rich in vitamin C, this potent blend brightens and evens skin tone, giving you an enviable lit-from-within glow.

Algae Clay

Tighten and tone at any age with our Revitalizing Algae Clay Mask. This hydrating blend fortifies skin elasticity, leaving you with a soft and youthful complexion.

All products are available for purchase in Canada and the United States through their website, www.bleaubeauty.com, and are now available for purchase at the Bleau store on amazon.ca and amazon.com.

About Bleau
Bl’eau is bringing innovative and safe skincare solutions to the market to help customers achieve radiant skin naturally and ethically. In addition to being cruelty-free and never tested on animals, all of Bleau‘s products are formulated without parabens, toxins, GMOs, TEA, DEA, synthetic chemicals, sulfates SLS and SLES, PEGs, Ethoxylate, Formaldehyde and mineral oils. Bleau works with the government of British Columbia to ensure the highest standard of eco-friendly sourcing. The company headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia.

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