Today, it’s all about staying healthy and looking after your body. One of the more proven ways of keeping your body clean and free from bad bacteria is by using probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that normalizes and rebalances your microbiome. There are 15 scientifically-backed strains of probiotics targeted to help normalize digestion and rebalance the amount of good bacteria in your microbiome.

Prebiotics are the foods that feed the good bacteria in your system. Fibre in the organic vegetable-fruit juice feeds the probiotics, which in turn help them propagate so that they can outnumber the bad bacteria and create a healthier internal systems.

Doctor’s Biome is a leader in clinically validated juice-based probiotics that was founded by a group of doctors and scientists. It’s a synbiotic, which is a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that work together to help with indigestion and maintaining overall good body health. These products are now available in Canada.

“Hundreds of my patients in my ozone-therapy practice have seen a significant change in their gut health. Helping people achieve their health and wellness goals has always been a driving force behind Doctor’s Biome,” says Dr. Howard Robins, the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer.

Unlike other probiotic brands in capsule or tablet form on the market, Doctor’s Biome guarantees active, living probiotics in an organic, dairy-free, vegetable-fruit juice. Since Doctor’s Biome is in a fully hydrated liquid form, it allows for faster absorption and maximum benefit.

In order for probiotics to be most effective, they should be living at the time of manufacture and also upon entering your digestive system. Doctor’s Biome provides active, living strains of probiotics with each daily dose that remain alive upon entering your digestive tract and then continue to flourish and work within your system.

Doctor’s Biome only uses strains that have been extensively researched. The 15 strains of probiotics or “healthy bacteria” compete against a spectrum of harmful bacteria and yeasts for nutrients and space, which helps to rebalance the stomach and support healthy digestion.

With regular use, Doctor’s Biome can help:

Promote Normal Digestion

Balance Microbiome

Boost Immunity

Enhance Nutrient Absorption

Check out their full line of available products here.

Available in two-week or one-month supply.



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