Bud Light Canada has announced the arrival of its newest innovation, Bud Light Seltzer. As an extension of the brand’s portfolio, Bud Light Seltzer offers a full fruit taste with 1 gram of sugar and only 80 calories, available nationwide April 9th in four flavours; Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Mango, and Strawberry.

Alongside the new product, the brand is introducing a new character as part of their advertising campaign. Seltzy is a life-sized can of Bud Light Black Cherry Seltzer. “We’re incredibly excited about the arrival of Bud Light Seltzer in Canada, especially after receiving so much consumer interest.  In response, we created Seltzy as a really engaging way to introduce the newest hard seltzer to Canadian consumers,” says Mike D’Agostini, Sr. Director of Marketing, Bud Light.

Mike had a chance to chat with Seltzy before the official launch.

MD: Tell me about yourself, Seltzy?
Seltzy: First, thanks for having me. Super excited to be here. A little about me? Well, besides my full fruit taste, 1G of sugar and 80 calories, I’m just like every other giant can with arms and legs. I’m just looking to have a good time with good people while enjoying some good old fashioned, Bud Light Seltzers. After having a blast introducing Seltzers to the folks in the US, I thought, why not make my way to the Great White North? Home of the poutine and The Greatest Show on Earth! The Calgary Stampede. By the way, if you know anyone that can hook me up with a ticket, let me know.

MD: How are you going to keep yourself busy during quarantine?
Seltzy: I’ve got a couple things lined up to help pass the time. I like to dabble in painting and poetry, but I wouldn’t say I’m a modern-day Shakespeare or anything. I also like to tear up the dance floor from time to time. It keeps me limber and active. You’ll see. If you want to stay posted on my time in quarantine, I’ll be taking over the @budlightliving social handle for the next 14 days, so feel free to follow along.

MD: What hockey team are you rooting for?
Seltzy: I’ve been in Canada for a hot minute and you’re not even the first person to ask me this. My boss is from Winnipeg, so I’m gonna have to go with the Jets because I’m just trying to keep my job here.

MD: What’s the first thing you’re going to do after quarantine?
Seltzy: Easy question. First things first, I’ll grab some fresh Bud Light Seltzers. My quarantine spot is literally on top of an LCBO so that’ll be no prob. Next. If it’s a beauty day, I want to feel some sun on my can, so I’ll check out the closest open patio and support local.

MD: Who are you most excited to meet in Canada?
Seltzy: Wow. Good question. Too many to choose from. To start, a shameless plug: I’m trying to get an invite to my fav rappers pool this summer, so if you have connections let me know ;). But, also, I’m a huge fan of Jordan Alexander, and Donte Colley’s dance moves (if only I were an emoji in one of his dance videos).

Bud light Seltzer will be available at liquor stores nationwide starting April 9th. Flavour availability varies regionally across Canada. Click here for more information, and follow @budlightliving on social media for all the latest updates.


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