Hey guys, ever wish you had a second penis? How about a ball-busting orgasm? Here’s your chance! Balldo is the world’s first ball dildo that gives men a second penis and a new type of orgasm – a ballgasm.

Its game changing and patented design allows users to attach the sheath-like silicone device over their testicles, emulating the shape of a penis and allowing them to be inserted into an orifice. By using the balls for penetrative sex, the Balldo unlocks another level of pleasure and sensation through the new genre of ‘ballsex’.

Balldo is the brainchild of product designer and entrepreneur power duo Ellie Plasencia and Jerry Davies, who were inspired by their own experimental activities in the bedroom, wondering if they could add another layer of fun by incorporating a new way of ball stimulation.

The benefits of the Balldo are many, from allowing sex to continue after the man has climaxed to providing men with the unique sensation of a ballgasm. While the device may seem unusual at first, testicular stimulation most certainly is not. A recent survey from sex toy manufacturer MysteryVibe found that half of men incorporate testicle stimulation while masturbating, and nearly 90% admitted to enjoying when a partner plays with their balls. It makes sense, since the skin of the balls is almost identical to the woman’s outer labia and hosts thousands of pleasurable nerve-endings.

The Balldo can be used on its own or for double penetration, and most importantly, incorporating The Balldo gives that added excitement of sharing something unusual and daring with your partner, while he works up to a ballgasm. The ballgasm is triggered by the rubbing of the scrotal skin against the inside of an orifice and by the balldo pressing against the base of the penis. Not only does The Balldo get your balls inside your partner, it also allows you to thrust it, almost identically to when using your penis. However, unlike a strap-on, the wearer gets stimulated through the thousands of nerve-endings on the balls and can actually have a ball orgasm.

“The ballgasm experience is unique in that the wearer is able to orgasm purely from stimulation via the balldo – even if the penis is completely untouched and not inserted or stimulated in any way’ says Davies, CEO and co-founder for The Balldo. “In addition, when the balls are inside your partner the brain is unable to distinguish where the stimulation is coming from, it actually feels as if your penis is inside your partner when it actually isn’t! – this leads to a whole range of very unusual sensations to share with your partner.”

While women represent the majority of the sex toy market, male sex toy sales have experienced rapid growth in recent years, fuelled even further during the pandemic. As a result, innovation in male sex tech and technology designed to enhance the human sexual experience has experienced a similar rise, with companies racing to revolutionize the way men engage with sex toys. Ahead of its time, the pioneering Balldo is capitalising on the massive growth potential within this space and putting its stake in the ground as the first ball dildo in the world.

The balldo™ gives you a second penis that never goes soft. It keeps on stimulating you and your
partner enabling super lengthy sex sessions where both of you can get to climax. For guys who are smaller than most, or guys that suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, the balldo™ gives them a second chance to please and be pleased, without the worry of going or being soft.


Balldo is best used with smooth or shaved balls, with added lube to ease the process of slipping it over the “little guys’. There are two spacers that can be added for a comfortable fit, depending on the penis length-size. With both rings fitted The Balldo is 7 inches long – the same as the average penis. The silicone stretches, but not overly much, to ensure a solid fit when on. Be prepared to pull, tug, and twist your way on the first couple times while getting use to the product. As with any dildo, lube is helpful and should be added before playing. It’s a very interchangeable product, whereby you can start with the penis, changeover to the Balldo, then try both! Another interesting use you might want to try is to wear it when not having sex, which can give you a nice edging feeling during the day.

The only drawback is that there’s only one-size-fits-all, which we all know is not the case. An expandable width-size option would be a great addition for future revisions. All in all, it’s a great addition to the toy market, not only enhancing the pleasure of the giver, but also the receiver as well!

The packaging will be the most recyclable option available, with a PET clamshell that’s recyclable in municipal waste streams. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester. The card insert is printed in vegetable inks, that can be recycled with other paper products.

Watch this fun instructional video and here for more details on how it works. Visit the The Balldo website for more information, and place your order here. Available in Steel Gray, Purple, and Black.

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