Muskoka Brewery is constantly releasing new products, and they offer an added joy to springtime sipping with each release. Below are their newest products to hit LCBO shelves, along with a reminder to grab your “Born This Way” nano IPA to kick off your Pride celebrations! All can be ordered and shipped directly from the brewery as well.

Muskoka Mimosa. A Mimosa Inspired Ale that’s true to the brunch treat. High carbonation bringing the zesty orange to life with bold citrus flavours. The slight bitterness rounds out every sip. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this unique collaboration of flavours, but it works! Not too sweet, not too zesty, and not too much of a beer taste – it’s something completely different on the market. Give it a go!

Available Online | LCBO
4.8% alc./vol.  |     $3.65 per 473mL Can

Chance of Flowers. This Dry Hopped Kölsch with Hibiscus brings you springtime in a glass. Floral notes and honey on the nose will draw you into this delicate German style brew with flavours of candied fruit and a touch of crisp bitterness to taste. Created by unique staff trio Brewer Dave Krzyk, Purchasing Manager of Raw Materials Rebecca Pellett, and Dockside Sales Rep Jayden Keegan as part of the 2021 Moonlight Kettle Series! Kölsch on its own is a wonderfully crisp, easy drinking beer. This added combination of sweetness makes it an extra special treat for warmer weather!

Available  Online | LCBO
5.0% alc./vol.  |     $3.95 per 473mL Can

Hazed & Confused. You’re probably quite familiar with the beer, a tasty Juicy IPA that was first brewed in 2017 and in 2019 became a staple in our line up. This one is on the juicier side, but tis the season to juice things up with beverages, and at 6.5% this will juice you in more ways than one!

Available Online | LCBO | The Beer Store | Grocery Stores

6.5% alc./vol.  |  $3.55 per 473mL Can

Born This Way – Cheers to this hazy Nano IPA, bringing you something a little different. Bursting with notes of tropical fruits while keeping the ABV kicked back. This is a nice easy drinking beer, and it makes you feel good about drinking it. Not that you need a reason to feel good about drinking beer, but hey it’s for a good cause!

Proceeds from every can will go to the GetREAL Movement to help combat discrimination and promote acceptance for all.

Last year we raised $9,200 equating to:

  • 5 new Get REAL Speakers trained
  • 10 Corporate Inclusivity & Anti-Racism Workshops delivered
  • 2,000 employees educated on combating 2SLGBTQ+
  • 7 2SLBHTQ+ and Black Session Mentors hired for 2021 summits
  • 70 2SLBHTQ+ and Black youth leaders trained

This year our goal is to raise $22,000 to provide even more support for Get REAL Movement.

Available  Online | LCBO | Select Grocery Stores
3.8% alc./vol.  |     $3.65 per 473mL Can

 Stay tuned for their newest release of the Ebb & Flow sour coming soon!


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