On a mission to redefine clean, Cleancult utilizes highly effective plant-based ingredients without the plastic waste that consumers typically go through with everyday home cleaning solutions. They have solutions for every room in the home: All Purpose Cleaner, Liquid Hand Soap, Liquid Laundry Detergent, Liquid Dish Soap and more. The brand’s innovative, zero waste refill system is comprised of recyclable, paper-based milk carton refills and stylish, shatter-resistant glass bottles that act as reusable vessels.

Now, for the first time, Canadian consumers will have the ability to make a greener choice in the cleaning aisle, free from harmful chemicals and plastic waste. On a mission to redefine clean, Cleancult utilizes highly effective plant-based ingredients without all of the plastic waste that consumers typically go through when purchasing everyday home cleaning products. The company has gained traction both through direct-to-consumer and retail avenues in the United States, and is excited to magnify their retail presence in North America with the availability of its innovative cleaning system for Canadian consumers nationwide.

Cleancult has had a powerful, measureable impact in the United States that it hopes to replicate and expand on in Canada. For example, the brand has offset 1,200 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions to date, and can save an average household from tossing 44 lbs. of plastic into the environment each year.

The brand’s expanded availability into the Canadian market reflects the country’s ongoing dedication to reducing single-use plastics, with retailers continuing to make zero waste solutions a priority. As Cleancult continues to grow, it also remains committed to offsetting its carbon emissions through its partnership with Carbonfund.org, which makes product shipments sustainable and carbon-neutral.

The products are now available in over 150 Canadian retail doors, at Peavey and TSC Stores and London Drugs locations, as well as through online marketplaces including Well.ca and Amazon.ca.

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