Vincenzo Guzzo is a masterful businessman with a diverse portfolio including multi-theatre cinemas, restaurants, a construction company, food apps, and a personal fashion brand. The Dragons’ Den judge is continuing to push his entrepreneurial initiatives with the official expansion of his Mr. Sunshine brand to include locally made popcorn, which makes total sense given he owns a Cinémas Guzzo, the largest chain of independent movie theatres in Québec.

“The smell of fresh popcorn and melted butter, the sound of a reel spinning round and round in the projection booth, the smiling faces of satisfied customers, all of these things fostered my love for the movie business,” says Mr. Sunshine. “I started working at my father’s first theatre very early on, picking up hard-to-reach popcorn kernels and so forth, and I really knew from those early years that this was a business of which I was meant to be a part. My feelings in this regard haven’t changed over my thirty years working in the industry.”

The first four popcorn flavours to be released include:

· Movie-Style Butter Flavoured (kettle popcorn)

· Choconana (candied popcorn)

· Ruddy Lad’s 911 Sriracha (kettle popcorn)

· Rossella’s Tie-Dye (candied popcorn)

Additional flavours scheduled to be rolled out include:

· Giulietta Truffle

· Mother Maria’s French Toast

· Parmigiano

· NotteInBianco

· Little Ms. Sunshine Cotton Candy

Mr Sunshine popcorn is available from coast-to-coast across Canada by ordering online. For the full home theatre confectionery experience, be sure to check out all their other products, including chocolate bars, candies, and nuts.

Vincenzo (Vince) Guzzo is a masterful entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses including multi-theatre chain Cinémas Guzzo (the largest chain of independent movie theatres in Québec with ten locations province wide), restaurants, a construction company, an e-commerce gourmet food platform, and Mr. Sunshine, his personal fashion brand. In 2007, he and his wife, Maria, established the Guzzo Foundation to centralize their philanthropic endeavours, through which they have raised millions of dollars to support medical research aimed at the prevention of cancer and the support of mental health initiatives. His role as a Dragon on CBC’s wildly popular Dragons’ Den gives Mr. Guzzo a platform to share personal insights and provide entrepreneurial guidance globally.

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