TubShroom, SinkShroom, and ShowerShroom drain protectors offer a sustainable solution to prevent clogged sink drains. The brand aims to minimize the use of harmful chemical drain cleaners, whose fumes can be dangerous and ingredients can wear away at pipes.

Lots of people these days are trying to do their part to protect the planet which includes trying to use less chemicals that can eventually seep into the environment. Enter  a line of little silicon shaped mushrooms called the SinkShroom, TubShroom, and ShowerShroom that are making a big splash in bathrooms and kitchens across the country.

Basically these little magic shrooms stay hidden inside your drains, and catch every single particle of hair and other debris which eventually would lead to clogs.  Once a month, you simply pull the shrooms out of the drain and wipe the collected debris off, and you’ll never have clogs again, or have to use a chemical cleaner.

The TubShroom, SinkShroom and ShowerShroom strainers work to capture all fallen hair or other debris–completely out of sight–and fit into most standard size drains in the home. The tools were designed to rise about half an inch above the drain in order to provide seamless water flow, while preventing hair and other objects from passing through. It is a chemical free-way to keep drains effortlessly clean and an eco-friendly alternative to harmful liquid drain cleaners.


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