Ready-to-Drink products are all the rage these days. The market seems saturated with products, so there’s no shortage of varying alcohol and mixes. In the past couple of years, the sweetness and calories levels have been decreasing from when the initial products entered the market over a decade ago. Anyone remember Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

We’ve highlighted a few of the newer products below that are available at the LCBO and Wine Rack in Ontario this summer that we feel are worthy of a try. Cheers to a never ending summer!


NEW BASK Wine Spritzes are delightfully bubbly with a hint of fruit flavour in each varietal. Each can has 0g sugar, 110 calories and 5% alc/vol 

·                BASK White Wine Spritz highlights BASK’s Sauvignon Blanc, along added bubbles and a hint of lemon 

·                BASK Rosé Wine Spritz features BASK Crisp Rosé and with a touch of juicy strawberry. 


Available at BCLS for $3/355mL 


BASK Black Tea Goji & Blackberry

NEW BASK Hard Sparkling Sodas are made with real tea and fruit flavours. Each can has 0g sugar, 80 calories and 4% alc/vol.

·       BASK Green Tea Peach highlights the bittersweet taste of green tea paired with sweet, juicy peach flavours.

·       BASK Black Tea Goji & Blackberry features energizing notes of black tea with sweet and sour berry and superfruit flavours. (featured left)

·       BASK White Tea Passion Fruit has delicate notes of fragrant white tea with a satisfying hit of delicious passion fruit.

Available at Wine Rack and LBCO for $3.95/ 355mL

Growers Sparkling Spritz Field Watermelon Lavender

NEW Growers Sparkling Spritz – Growers introduces a new spritz that balances crisp cider and sparkling water with a fruity splash. Each can contains 1g of sugar, 90 calories and 4% alc/vol.

·       Field Watermelon Lavender is a slice of perfection with fruity flavours of fresh watermelon and fragrant notes of lavender. (featured left)

·       Peach Orange Blossom is bursting with fresh peach notes and aromas of fragrant orange blossom.


Available at Wine Rack for $3.45/473mL

Good Fortune Citrus Orange Flower

Good Fortune is a sparkling wine cocktail naturally infused with fruit flavours. Each can has 5% alc/vol.

·       NEW Citrus Orange Flower has notes of freshly squeezed citrus fruit and is complemented with a gentle orange blossom flower aroma.

·       Raspberry Hibiscus features tastes of delectably ripe raspberries  complemented with a vibrant hibiscus aroma.

Available at Wine Rack and LCBO for $3/355mL

In Good Order Mango Cherry Blossom

In Good Order, a ready-made hard soda with unexpected combinations of natural fruit and botanical flavours, is low in calories, sugar and alcohol. Each can has 4g of sugar, 100 calories and 4% alc/vol.

·       NEW Mango Cherry Blossom highlights juicy notes of ripe mango combined with a slightly sour hit of cherry blossom.

·       Tahitian Lime & Hibiscus boasts flavours of tart lime with a hint of hibiscus.

·       Real Blueberry & Juniper is bright and zesty, boasting flavours of freshly picked blueberries with a dash of juniper and a touch of sweetness.


Available at Wine Rack and LCBO for $3/355mL

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