If you’re not the cooking type, or just looking for a quick and healthy meal replacement,  Evive’s delicious vegan meals and smoothies come in a frozen wheel form, that are perfect for breakfast, lunches, and dinners that can be made in just minutes!

The best part is that they can be delivered right to your door. Meal subscriptions can be such time-savers, and they take the hassle out of thinking what to eat next with everything being previously prepared and perfectly portioned.

Evive’s frozen cubes are ideal for busy people who want alternatives to complex meal prepping without compromising their health. Made with organic, whole-foods, Evive’s lunch cubes are packed with nutritional foods to properly fuel you for the day ahead. Each flavour can be made in either a soup or bowl format.

Evive meals cubes are available in four delicious flavours:

  1. Thom Thai – Edamames in coconut milk South East Asian flavours

  2. Mac Squash – butternut squash and cashews power mac duo

  3. Bam Chili – black beans, quinoa and avocado chili

  4. Golden curry – chickpeas and cauliflower in a creamy golden curry

How it works:

  1. Choose to eat in bowl or soup

  2. Pop cubes – in a pan, warm on medium-high heat for 4-5 mins – or in a microwave safe bowl, heat for 4-6 mins.

  3. For bowls – pour over rice, pasta, quinoa, or any base of your choice.

  4. For soups – mix with 150 ml of water when heating

  5. Mix well, serve, and enjoy!

Each and everyone of these are delicious, as in home-made delicious. Each unique in their own tasteful way. Rich in spices, and great consistency make them perfect in so many ways. There are 6 cubes per package, but using a couple for one meal makes the package last for two or three different meals. Turn something bland into bravo in minutes!

Evive smoothies are another quick option to complement snacks, lunches, or dinners with over 14 flavours to choose from. All the smoothies come in frozen cube form; simply pop in a bottle, mix with liquid, wait 20 mins, shake and drink! Another great option on how to use these cubes is to add them to your yoghurts or cereals to give yourself that extra bit of goodness in the morning!

Evive lunches and smoothies can be found through an online subscription program delivered right to your door, as well as in retail stores across Canada. Find more information at evivenutrition.ca.

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