GUSTA has added two new and exciting products to their already extensive portfolio of vegan options. The Original and the Mex veggie ground are 100% natural ground alternatives made from soy protein. This Canadian start-up has been producing great tasting, high quality vegan products since 2015, and these two new products are no exception!

The Original: this plant-based ground is the perfect alternative protein to add to your lasagna or other pasta dishes, or on their own as veggie balls or burgers.

The Mex: this Mexican-inspired crumble will bring the heat and street-food flavours of Mexico to your table. Rounded out by spices and just the perfect amount of heat, whether in a chili or tacos.

Check out these suggested recipes to get inspired for your next meal.

Both Veggie Grounds are:

Clean label: these 2 new products are made from simple, 100% natural and GMO-free ingredients. Good for your health and for our planet.

Innovative: these grounds are made from soy protein.

Local: this range is exclusively made in Canada.

Protein: 9g of plant-based protein per 55g?

Deliciously Gusta: made with vegetables and a special GUSTA spice blend, these veggie grounds will add a boost of flavour to any dish!

Visit your local grocery store to try out the 2 new GUSTA products!

GUSTA is many things; a vegan workshop, a team made up of Earth defenders and vegan taste creators, and a boutique eatery that offers new flavours!

Based in the heart of Montreal, GUSTA produces more than 20 different plant based products and is widely distributed across Canada. Offering a wide range of sausages, roasts, cheezes, pâtés, and now veggie grounds.  Click here for their full selection of products.

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