Earth’s Own is a Canadian brand on a mission to save the planet through plant-based eating. What began as a oat alternative to dairy milk, soon morphed into almond and cashew alternatives. Now. they are about to get a bit more delicious with the launch of the brand’s first-ever collection of plant-based dips, spreads, and oat nog!

Dairy Free Cream Cheese Style Spread

All the deliciousness, none of the dairy – your bagels will thank you!

Dairy Free Butter Spread

Delicious with bread or smeared on corn on the cob. This new plant-based spread is also perfect for baking. It melts and browns just like butter!

Dairy Free Sour Cream Alternative

A velvety and smooth partner for baked potatoes, as a base for plant-based dip or topping for nachos, or a sidekick to a fresh veggie quesadilla. It’s plant-tastic!

Dairy Free Creamy Ranch Dip

Pairs perfectly with cauliflower buffalo wings, or your favourite back of chips – this is your new veggie tray go-to. It’s the real deal without the dairy.

Oat Nog

Last, but not least. Just in time for the holidays! Oat Nog is blended with decadent seasonal spices to create a creamy, indulgent, and perfectly spiced Oat Nog. Made from Canadian oats that are grown using 7x less water than dairy. Great on it’s own, with added cinnamon or nutmeg, in your morning coffee, or a wind down traditional holiday beverage with rum. Yum!

All products are available through several retail outlets. Find one near you by clicking here.


Earth’s Own started in Burnaby B.C. more than 20 years ago. They were making plant-based milk before the hashtag was trending. Living a plant-based life isn’t a fad, or a substitute, it’s a legit choice. Earth’s Own believes in the power of plants to change the world. They want to take a stand, oat when others moo, and encourage Canadians to choose plant-based to protect our earth. They have a bold new way of thinking about how the world eats, and are on a relentless pursuit to change the world through a plant-based movement.

Buying plant-based means less water, less land and using less energy to produce. It means sustainable farming practices, including using organic and supporting local whenever possible, no glyphosates used, and choosing only Canadian home grown oats. It means healthy plant-based fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Sunflower oil, not canola, because it is better for you and gives you sustainable energy. Saying no to carrageenan and bone char, and yes to plant protein.

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