Moon Rising by Daniel Weisbeck is described as a character driven sci-fi biopunk thriller.

She is not who she thinks she is. Her true identity is a mystery. Trapped in a cellar by a man she does not know; a young girl is forced to act out the life of someone she has never met to stay alive. When she escapes, she finds herself on the run, confused and questioning her past and how she came to be a prisoner.

With the help of Bobby Houndstooth, a teacher she once knew, and Nutt, an android who loves to dance, Silon begins to unravel her true identity and a mysterious relationship she has with a sinister corporation. Silon must decide if she is the person others expect her to be or if she can become a person of her own making…even if it kills her.

“My room is dark but not the kind of black you see when you close your eyes. Twenty-nine strips of light, faint and narrow, bleed through the cracks of the wooden planks over my head and line the cold cement floor. I am alone down here—most of the time.”

Daniel Weisbeck is an American who’s been living in the UK for a number of years, who also wrote the book series Children of the Miracle, a dystopian adventure that won the 2021 IndieReader Discovery Award for Science Fiction.

Drawing on his more than two decades of work in software and human interaction with technology, Weisbeck’s insights into the possibilities and pitfalls of a technology-driven future brings a unique and authentic voice to his science fiction thriller genre.

Daniel is an openly gay author who has been happily married to his partner for over twenty years. When not writing about androids and hybrid humans in the future, you will find him taking care of his four dogs, two rescue racehorses, and thirty rescue sheep who all live in the South Downs. Daniel’s insights into the possibilities and pitfalls of a technology-driven future brings a unique and authentic voice to his science fiction novels.

“As an openly gay author and sci-fi fan, I am aware of how little diversity there is in this genre today. As in Moon Rising, I make a point of including LGTBQ+ characters and gender fluid identities in all my science fiction novels. I think it is important that all readers find characters they can connect with and that we independent authors continue to push the boundaries around diversity where large publishing houses are risk adverse.”

Available November 2nd via Daniel Weisbeck Books

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