No one wants to think about it, but winter is coming, so why not start stocking up on your favourite winter brews and spirits? Muskoka Brewery has upped its game once again with their festive brews, and three exclusive craft gin products. They’ve also come up with a selection of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages for those option for sober celebrations, or wanting to limit their alcohol intake. They can also be used as mix to add your favourite alcohol spirit, for those so inclined.

Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout | 8.0% alc./vol. | IBU: 20. 

Chocolate and cranberry lead the way with subtle notes of roasted coffee.  This seasonal stout will keep you extra toasty. Winter Beard is a treasured rotational for Muskoka Brewery. One of those products that has a strong following since its initial release, having consumers asking for it to return year-after-year. The current release will be the first time Winter Beard’s availability will be extended outside the season, as in previous years it has sold out within a month of its launch. The label also has a fresh new redesign, with fun/new artwork championing the season. It’s also now available in a 473mL can due to popular demand and requests.

Initial scents of chocolate and roaster coffee, followed by cranberries. Rich and full-bodied with dominant flavours of chocolate, cranberries, and subtle coffee notes. Smooth carbonation allows for a quick finish with some slight chocolate notes. Pairs well with cheesecake, and chocolate.

Midnight Magic Dark Saison with Pino Noir Pomace | 4.8% alc./vol. | IBU: 24

This dark mahogany saison whos aroma is dominated by notes of red fruits and berries with subtle hits of pepper is slightly tart with red berry flavours that are complemented by a subtle spiciness. Mirroring the aroma, the noticeable vinous character is supported by a light malt backbone that finishes dry and effervescent. 

As well, with celebrations happening again this year, why not pull out some unique gin creations, which are made available in partnership with a local distillery. The brewery has also recently started offering their own select line of spirits, by way of boutique gins – Legendary Oddity GinLegendary Oddity Oak Rested Gin, and the Brazilian pink peppercorn, called the Butterfly Effect

Legendary Oddity Gin is a small batch distilled gin. Dry gin in style, with a 40% ABV.

Mild notes of floral complement traditional juniper. Look for fragrant citrus and coriander undertones. Characteristic juniper flavour is followed by coriander, fresh citrus and subtle foral. Delicate juniper profile delivers a smooth finish with a lingering alcohol warmth.

Legendary Oddity Oak Rested Gin is a oak rested dry gin. With 45% ABV.

Soft vanilla met with pleasant wood-like spice complement the classic juniper. Fresh juniper and oak reminiscent vanilla dominate the palate while noticeably sweet, mild citrus notes and a slight bitterness balance out this contemporary gin. A furnished juniper profile delivers a smooth finish with lingering alcohol warmth.

Butterfly Effect is a small batch of distilled pink peppercorn flavoured gin. With 40% ABV.

Sweet and peppery with mild juniper and floral notes. Moderate pepper spice with present juniper flavour. Sweet and warming with a lingering spice

Wandr Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage

Explore your sense of Wandr, with an effervescent drink that’s up for all of life’s adventures.  Crafted onsite at the brewery, Wandr is a refreshingly tart, tea-based beverage. The thirst quencher you’ve been waiting for, made with barley and a refreshing blend of Hibiscus, Strawberry, Ginger and Mango.  

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