Beau’s Brewing has come a long way since opening its doors along a bike trail in Ottawa a decade ago, quenching the thirst of many cyclists, and local beer enthusiasts. Today, their reach is far beyond the Ottawa Valley, with pints being poured in bars across the province.

So what’s new this year for the holidays and cooler temps ahead? First, there are two mix-packs offering newbies and adventurous types a chance to sample before purchasing a full pack. Secondly, their new collaboration with Porter Airlines has them flying high with the smooth tasting Porter Porter. Get what they did there? Finally, keep reading to find out more about what’s new on tap and in cans, with most available as close as your nearest LCBO or Beer Store.

Porter Porter. A beer so nice, they named it twice! Porter Porter is brewed exclusively for Porter Airlines, the best little airline in Canada and the only one to offer complimentary inflight hospitality service with local wine, beer, soft drinks, and snacks as part of the Porter Experience. This is a dark beer with notes of espresso, chocolate and vanilla. A malty dark ale, it has a complex and flavourful character with a slightly dry finish. Basically, it’s an awesome porter, very smooth, easy on the palette, and suitable for most drinkers. 5.6% | $3.65 per 473mL can

Rachel’s Revenge is a fall seasonal offering from Beau’s. Not heard of Kveik? It is a farmhouse-style yeast with a rich and long history in its homeland of Norway. Expect tropical fruit aromas, balanced flavour, and a delectably dry finish that, we think our own Rachel would agree, insists on another sip. This one goes down well, easy drinking, yet full bodied taste. 5.1% | $3.95 per 473mL can

Night Märzen is Beau’s fall seasonal amber lager. A mild toasted malt sweetness is kept perfectly in check by European hops and a snappy finish. This any-occasion lager is great with food, especially anything roasted or grilled. This one has a dark colour with a stronger taste, suitable for those who want to live on the edge after dark. 5.5% | $3.95 per 473mL can

Country Vibes

This delicious and refreshing hybrid mash-up of lager + amber ale is balanced by clean, crisp hops and a cold-aged lager finish. Roasted caramel malts give it a darker rich colour and toasty sweetness. Darker in colour, but still light in taste. Lager and Ale never tasted so good together. Amber Lagered Ale • 4.7 % (473mL can) Malty, Crispy, Balanced 

New Lang Syne

A strong, deep-golden Belgian Tripel that’s aged in white wine barrels, then bottle-conditioned to sparkling effervescence. First impressions are of lemon zest, as well as papaya and tropical fruits. White wine character harmonizes with firm tannins. French and German hop varieties provide suitable balance. Suitable for aging, and sharing. It’s all about the presentation here, as you uncork the bottle to celebrate fun times. This is one to share and impress your friends with! Deliciously dark, and potently powerful! Belgian Tripel (Wine Barrel Aged and Bottle Conditioned) • 9.0% alc/vol (750mL bottle)


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