Hamilton’s Collective Arts Brewing has been on their game right from the get go, and with their new-ish Toronto location, it makes it easier for fans to grab their favourite beverages and products directly onsite. There’s also a static page on their website indicating “Brooklyn” Coming Soon, so it seems they are venturing south of the border next!

Beyond beer, the company has ventured into the spirits side of things with an amazing tasting new gin, and some delicious maple syrup products to start your day off right. Here are three unique products to keep the insides warm as the temps drop outdoors. Cheers!


This Bitter Orange, Cocoa & Coffee Gin is a blend of Chocolate, Oranges, Cocoa nibs, and Collective Arts Rite & Ritual Coffee, giving it an aromatic chocolate scent.⁠ The sweetness of this spirit is balanced by a citrus burst from Bitter Orange Peel, and a soft smooth⁠ finish.⁠ The pinkish hue colour looks wonderful when consumed straight-up with a couple ice cubes, or change the colours up by mixing it with your favourite juice or soda products. Delicious either way!


The second edition of this Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup is made with premium Grade A Canadian Dark Maple Syrup in freshly emptied Bourbon barrels that aged for three months. The result? A delicious blend – notes of sweet maple, vanilla, toffee, caramel, charred oak, and just an ever so slight alcohol warming from the remnants of bourbon in the barrels. Great drizzled over pancakes, waffles, or it can also be used for baking and other meal forms.


Now vice versa, if you’re looking for rum with a hint of maple syrup flavour, this is it. The Ontario sourced maple syrup is matured for three months in Bourbon barrels before being removed. The rum is then added back into the maple syrup barrels to finish the maturing process, capturing that maple flavour. ⁠⁠One barrel, two products!

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