Who doesn’t love/need a good morning cuppa java?

Every cup of L’OR coffee provides a pure coffee pleasure. Let yourself be captivated by the intense aroma. Discover a balance of its smooth and rich flavours. Follow your senses and let yourself be overwhelmed by the intensity of its aroma. Discover the L’OR gold coffee standard.

Created in France in 1992, L’OR’s ambition has always been to offer the best coffee in the world. In 2010, L’OR expanded beyond the French borders with the launch of L’OR Espresso, the first coffee capsule compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. A controlled stream of water is flowed through at 200°F, brewing your beverage in the best condition possible – just as a professional espresso machine would. L’OR aluminum capsules are sealed airtight to ensure freshness, resulting in a smoother blend, richer flavour, and creamier foam.


Coming from the Italian for “restrained, tight”, a Ristretto is a very short espresso. For the same amount of coffee (7g in general), a Ristretto coffee will only put 20ml of water into the cup, half that of a normal espresso. In fact, it is especially appreciated for its body and its aromatic richness.


Also known by the name, tight coffee, it is appreciated for its generous smoothness and is made via high-pressure percolation (in Italian, espresso means “extracted by pressure”). Espressos are available in many blends, each one offering a specific intensity. L’OR Espresso preserves the essence of each blend in an aluminium capsule specifically packaged to release all of the espresso aromas in the cup.


Also known as a long coffee, it is made with twice as much water running through the same amount of coffee as for an espresso. L’OR Espresso Lungos are specifically designed to produce a large cup (110ml) of a long and intense espresso with a perfect consistency.

Today, the unequalled quality of L’OR coffee continues to seduce connoisseurs all over the world by producing one high-quality product only. This holiday season, why not stock up on a variety pack of different flavours, for yourself and your holiday guests?


This variety pack contains 5 boxes that include 10 capsules each, ranging from medium roast Intensity 8 to dark roast Intensity 12.

  • 10 x ColombiaIntensity 8Complex – tangy
  • 10 x Profondo LungoIntensity 8 Intense – spicy
  • 10 x Or AbsoluIntensity 9Strong – savory
  • 10 x RistrettoIntensity 11Nutty – complex
  • 10 x OnyxIntensity 12Intense – powerful

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Every L’OR Espresso blend is made from coffee grown according to sustainable production methods.

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